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Moving to Australia: Understanding Pet Quarantine

Planning to import your cat or dog into Australia? You will need to ensure you comply with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources import conditions, which can be a little confusing. Read on and we’ll explain the process a little more clearly... Bringing pets to Australia Australia is free from many animal-related diseases found [...]

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Desexing Your Pet: The Pros and Cons

Many pet owners struggle with the decision of desexing and whether or not to breed their dog. It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your pet, so it’s worth doing some research. As with anything, there are both pros and cons of desexing. The pros 1. Preventing unwanted litters Australia has an [...]

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Is my pet overweight?

  Pets follow their owners. Consider this: the rate of obesity in Australians is increasing at an alarming rate, in both adults and children. According to Australian Government statistics, 20% -25% of children are now overweight or obese and if this trend continues by 2020 - in  just 3 year's time - 80% of all [...]

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Overheating in pets can be deadly

Social media recently exploded with a story about a beloved family pet, a Rescue Greyhound called Baron, who was placed in a boarding kennel in the Newcastle area for 7 days while the family were on holiday.  Sadly, when the family arrived to pick up their family pet, they were told he was no longer [...]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Cat or Dog Microchipped

Every year thousands of cats and dogs go missing, and with more than 25 million pets living in Australian households, these missing pets can be hard to find when they’re not microchipped. All too often pets aren’t returned home, when they could so easily if they are microchipped. Microchipping Microchipping is a pet owner’s best [...]

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