//Ain’t I nothing but a pound dog?

Ain’t I nothing but a pound dog?

Ain’t I nothing but a pound dog?

It is well into the year 2011 and it seems nothing ever changes. Puppies are still being churned out by the THOUSANDS in Puppy Farms and we are STILL dumping our unwanted pets with abandon just as we did last year ….and the year before…..and the year before….. and the year before that…..

Dogs ( and cats ) are still being sold in some NSW pounds undesexed and to the highest bidder. Pet shop windows are still filled with the fashionable ‘white fluffies’ or those ever so cute little puppies of the Fox Terrier or Jack Russell breed. It is also still not illegal to breed pets for sale in your backyard.

The plight of these dumped pets does not touch the heart of the people who are in a position to change the laws. In what is a profit driven industry it seems these animals lives are unimportant!!!!

What are the benefits of adopting from animal shelters?

“Adopting from an animal shelter has benefits for everyone. If it is a reputable shelter, you benefit from getting a loving companion who has already been desexed and microchipped. And the animal benefits by being rescued from life in a cage, with the threat of euthanasia often hanging over them if a home is not found. ”


The abandoned pet waits in a cage in the noisy and frightening environment of a pound, in the care of strangers, not knowing his fate. There he will sit until his time is up. He may be sold from the pound to a loving home but he could just as easily be sold to a backyard breeder. He may be lucky and go to rescue but if the shelters are too full he could just as easily perish as do the many thousands of discarded pets every day of every year….

How can he be expected to survive when even from birth his fate is a lottery. When he might not live until he is old enough to find a home but perish in the filth and disease of a puppy farm. He could wait for weeks in a pet store windowand even when he is sold he could be bought as a spur of the moment purchase, only to be later discarded. It is a tragedy that when in a pound his life, or his death, could be decided not only by his temperament but by his age, size, breed or even by his colour!

When will it become absolutely unacceptable to kill a healthy, full of life animal simply because there are just not enough homes available or there are too many of the same breed in the pound? Until we can offer every dog in the pound a loving forever home when will we stop breeding THOUSANDS more puppies than there will ever be homes for?


This article is reproduced with the kind permission of Doggie Rescue, a no kill shelter in NSW. For further information visit www.doggierescue.com.au


Michele Tamassy’s journey from the loss of her much loved, Ex DoggieRescue doggie, Jody

I would like to talk to you about adopting an older dog. Now before you skip this article because it does not appeal to you, I’ll let you in on a secret: I believe that anyone who has ever taken one of these precious seniors into their home feel they are part of a very special club….. Michele 

 I understand older dogs are not for everyone, for example families with children might need a more active dog, but there are many others who an older dog would suit. I want to tell my story in the hope that it may change someone’s mind and make the difference to a few of DoggieRescue’s homeless older doggies.

Jody was saved at 8 years old. She was in appalling condition when rescued. It was just heartbreaking to hear her story of sheer neglect. I am so grateful that she went straight from Death Row into a loving foster home, where she lived for her first year while recuperating and learning how to feel safe and happy, perhaps for the first time in her life!

Perhaps you think that older doggies just lie in a basket all day doing nothing? Jody was by no means a quiet, fragile dog who just slept her days away. Far from it! She was a feisty, confident, resilient girl with a great sense of humour. Jody would even put our younger bigger dogs in their place! She was very loving – not a cuddler, but was always next to me or sleeping on my feet. She brought me toys when I came home, walking in a circle, tongue hanging out and a smile on her face.She was my little shadow.

Jody pulled the most outrageous face when she was annoyed and would have us in hysterics. There was no way you could ignore her, she had a huge personality, very aware of what was going on around her.

My Jody passed away suddenly earlier this year. She died in the arms of the person who loved her most in this world and I think there is no better way to go.  She got to live her whole life and not have it cut short and die alone in a pound. Of course we are heartbroken and miss her dreadfully. 

Perhaps this is why you are put off by the idea of adopting an older doggie? Our heartbreak is buffered by the fact that because of Monika and DoggieRescue, Jody had an extra 4 years and 10 months of life and I have no doubt these were the only happy days she had in her life.  If not for DoggieRescue she would have gone to her death and never experienced a loving home. And bottom line, this is why we do it….

Apart from the absolute joy of knowing Jody, we know she had a great life with us and felt loved and safe at last. That is the biggest reward and it’s a wonderful feeling.  You can make ALL the difference to these elderly dogs. When you are considering bringing a doggie into your home, ask to meet one of the oldies.


 You’d be surprised what lies beneath…..

This article is reproduced with the kind permission of Doggie Rescue, a no kill shelter in NSW. For further information visit www.doggierescue.com.au. Also you can find a list of other rescue partners across Australia here

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Liz has a passion for all things cat and dog, and was one of the first in Australia to bring Pet Insurance to the market. She has headed up Petsecure marketing for the past 10 years, and is committed to promoting and supporting the amazing work done by rescue groups around Australia, and those who work to promote a better life for all animals
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