Irresistable kittens growing into curious cats

That adorable kitten peeking out at you from a cage in the animal shelter is hard to resist, and if you’re able to give it a good home, why wouldn’t you? The only drawback is that many people forget kittens will grow into a mature cat requiring continual care for the rest of its life.

And part of that care will include veterinary treatment for unexpected illness or injuries, which can be expensive if you don’t have pet insurance. Fortunately, Petsecure offers affordable cover for your cat or kitten so that you can provide them with the very best care.

How much does it cost to look after a cat?

Owning a cat can be costly. According to NSW RSPCA, initial costs for the first year can be up to $2,545, depending on their purchase price and council registration fees. Ongoing costs can be at least $720 a year. And on top of all that is the ever-present threat of unforeseen vet treatment for diseases or emergencies. So if you don’t have cat insurance, you could be looking at thousands of dollars to save your kitty, money that you may not have.

When can I insure my cat or kitten?

Arranging your insurance sooner rather than later will give you peace of mind knowing the cover is there if it’s needed. Plus, you’ll avoid the likelihood of your cat developing a condition now that won’t be covered when you take out insurance later on (known as a pre-existing medical condition).

And you can cover your cat from just eight weeks. As long as they’re under nine years old, they’re eligible for illness cover and once they turn nine, they’ll continue to be covered for the rest of their lives, providing you keep up your payments.

Reasons to choose Petsecure cat insurance

Petsecure insurance offers superior cover for your cat or kitten, with a range of great benefits:

  • Up to 85% of eligible vet’s bills, up to the annual benefit limit, excess-free
  • The option of Accident Cover or Accident & Illness Cover plus additional Wellness Care
  • The option to receive either 75% or 85% of eligible vet’s bills to help lower your premium
  • The option of annual payment to avoid administration fees
  • The ability to claim up to $12,000 a year on Accident & Illness Cover and $8,000 a year on Accident Cover
  • The option to choose your own licensed Australian vet
  • The peace of mind of immediate cover for Accidental Injury
  • Ongoing coverage for life after the age of nine, without a reduction in benefit limit, as long as you keep paying your premiums
  • Continued coverage for chronic conditions after the age of nine
  • 10% lifetime discount off your premium if you have a pension card or obtained your cat through an affiliated rescue organisation.

Call now and make sure you can give your cat the care he or she deserves – for life!

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