Pet Insurance for Australian Pet Owners

Pet Insurance for Australian Pet Owners

Petsecure proudly supports the many hard working pet rescue organisations across Australia.  So when you choose Petsecure you not only get the best cover for your pets, but  you are also helping our rescue partners continue with the valuable work they do saving the lives of thousands of cats and dogs every year.

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Dog Insurance

Responsible pet ownership means taking care of all our pet’s health and living needs.   You can have the security of knowing that your vet bills can be taken of, so you can give your dog the care he deserves throughout his life. Chronic conditions are covered, with no excess to pay. Get your dog insurance today.


Cat Insurance

Cats can be independent. But they still need vet care. With pet insurance that helps take care of the vet’s bills you can be certain that you can  give your felines the care they deserve – even if they live to 20! Competitive premiums, and cover is renewable for life. Get more details about cat insurance below

What is your pet’s true age?

When our pets are still jumping around we sometimes forget that they are aging. But, like humans age can bring health problems, weight issues and dietary needs may change. So figure out your pet’s “human” age with our handy calculator and consider whether anything should change.

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Pet Insurance Guide

Our love of pets is revealed when we consider that Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world! That’s why pet insurance is also so popular across Australia and why we also decided to create a guide to help you choose the best pet insurance plan for your needs.


Don’t Risk Losing Your Pet

A Pet ID Tag can help make sure your pet finds his way home if he goes walkabout!  Petsecure friends get 20% discount off a wide range of quality ID Tags – with lifetime guarantee.  Simply click through and your special discount will be applied at checkout!  Get Offer Now

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Pet Rescue Insurance

Petsecure is committed to supporting pet rescue organisations across Australia to help them in their work to help pets that end up in shelters through no fault of their own, as well as offering lifetime discount off our pet insurance when you adopt a rescue pet. Read more about pet rescue insurance today.

As a loving pet owner, you want only the best for your cat or dog.  That’s why getting the best pet insurance is so important. When you’re insured with Petsecure if your beloved pet is injured in an accident or falls ill, you can get up to 85% of the eligible vets bills paid, with NO EXCESS, up to $12,000 each and every year, and it’s guaranteed renewable for life.  That means you can always give your pets the care they deserve, without having to fret about the cost of the vet visits.  You’ll find Petsecure to be one of the most competitively priced pet insurers in Australia,  to help you give your furry friend the care he deserves.

So  call now on 1300 855 160 to get a quick quote see how affordable cover can be for you, and apply for cover over the phone. With our 21 day free look period giving you time to review your policy at leisure, there’s nothing to lose.

How does Petsecure insurance work?

You can get Illness cover for your dog or cat from 8 weeks up to 9 years of age.  After 8 weeks there is no age limit for Accident only cover.

Is insurance available if my pet has pre-existing conditions?

Yes, you can still get pet insurance if your pet has a pre-existing condition, but that condition (which is pre-existing) will not be covered, but other conditions that arise in the future, including chronic conditions would be covered.  This is why it makes sense to get your cover sorted early, before any condition emerges that would be a pre-existing condition, so that you know the insurance will be there to help with the vet’s bills when the unexpected happens, and you can give your furry friends get the vet care they need, when they need it!

Some benefits when you insure your pet with Petsecure today

  • With Petsecure you can tailor your premium to suit your budget, with a choice of cover type and benefit payment options.
  • Petsecure will pay either 75% or 85% of your eligible vet bills (depending on the benefit payment option you choose), up to the Annual Benefit Limit (see below).
  • The Annual Benefit Limit for Accident & Illness Cover is $12,000, or $8,000 if you select Accident only cover.
  • Accident cover pays benefits in the event of accidental injuries (refer to Product Disclosure Statement for definition)
  • Accident and Illness cover pays benefits in the event of accidental injuries and illnesses.
  • When you select Accident & Illness cover you can add Wellness Care which helps with the cost of routine care of your pet.
  • There is no additional excess payable with any of our options.

When can I get pet insurance for my cat or dog?

You can start your pet insurance as soon as your cat or dog is 8 weeks old, and up to 9 years old for Accidental Injury and Illness Cover. You can get Accidental Injury cover for your pet at any time after 8 weeks.

How do Petsecure pet insurance claims work?

Claiming with Petsecure is simple.  Just choose your preferred vet for your pet’s treatment.  After treatment simply send in a Petsecure claim form along with your vet’s detailed account to Petsecure claims, and your claim will be processed without unnecessary delay.  That means you get your money back – fast!

What’s included in Petsecure pet insurance cover?

After hours emergency visitsAfter hours emergency visits
Vet consults - $300 per yearVet consults - $300 per year
Specialist careSpecialist care
Labratory and diagnostic testsLaboratory and diagnostic tests
Cruciate ligament conditions - $2,600 per year**Cruciate ligament conditions - $2,600 per year**
Emergency boarding fees - $500 per yearEmergency boarding fees - $500 per year
Overseas travel insuranceOverseas travel insurance
Multi pet discountMulti pet discount
Breed specific genetic conditions
Lifetime chronic condition cover
Tick paralysis benefit (maximum $500)

*Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for definition of Accidental Injury

**You may be eligible for a higher limit and if so this will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

Please note that Pre-Existing Conditions are excluded.  So best to take out your pet insurance whilst your pet is young to avoid a pre-existing condition exclusion being applied to your policy.

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