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Welcome to the joys of having a dog in the family!

Having a dog in the family can be a real joy, but it’s also a big responsibility that can be costly over your pet’s lifetime – more than $25,000, according to the AVA’s Family Pooch Index. Unforeseen costs, such as major veterinary treatment for emergencies and degenerative diseases, can also be prohibitively expensive, and if you don’t have pet insurance, these costs may even be beyond your means.

Pet insurance can be a life saver

Being faced with the prospect of euthanasia due to financial reasons is not something anyone would want to go through. But if you take out Petsecure pet insurance now, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your vet bills can be managed and your furry friend will receive the treatment and care they need at every stage of their life.

When can I insure my dog or puppy?

Pre-existing conditions are illnesses or injuries that an animal develops prior to being insured and these conditions are not covered by pet insurance. So the sooner you insure your dog or puppy, the sooner they will be covered, even if they then go on to develop one of these conditions. Puppies are adventurous, so you never know when they might need a vet. Having pet insurance in place from an early age means they’ll be covered no matter what life throws at them.

You can cover your dog from as early as eight weeks old, but no later than nine years old. Once covered, they will continue to be covered for illness for the rest of their lives, as long as your premiums have been kept up to date without a lapse or change in circumstances.

Why choose Petsecure?

Petsecure offers you more for your money when insuring your dog, with great benefits such as:

  • Up to 85% back on eligible vet’s bills up to the annual benefit and with no excess to pay
  • A choice of either Accident Cover or Accident & Illness Cover plus optional Wellness Care
  • A choice of either 75% or 85% benefit amount to help you lower your premium
  • The option to pay annually and avoid administration fees
  • Generous claim limits (up to $12,000 pa with Accident & Illness Cover and $8,000 pa with Accident Cover)
  • The freedom to choose your own vet
  • Immediate cover for Accidental Injury
  • Continued cover for chronic conditions in later life
  • A 10% discount if you own an assistance dog, are a pension card holder or your dog came from an affiliated rescue organisation.

Insure your dog now and rest easy

Insure your best friend today and protect them for the rest of their life. And if you sign up today, we’ll also include a free custom-engraved designer dog tag. We care about your pets, so call Petsecure now for a quick quote on 1300 855 160.