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Fun facts about Aussies and their pets!

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Smell or Stench?

According to the RSPCA an estimated 80 per cent of pets over the age of three suffer from dental disease!   Of course, d...

Can large dogs live in small spaces?

Although us Aussies are well known for our wide-open spaces, the vast majority of Australians actually live in towns where th...

Pet-Friendly Holidays in Tasmania

Pet-Friendly Holidays in Tasmania

The windswept beauty of Tasmania is matched only by it’s sense of adventure. Discovering Australia’s southernmost sta...

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Healthy pets mean lower vet bills!

The phrase ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ isn’t far from the truth for many households, with Australia boasting one o...

The Pet Name Feud

Naming pets should be a simple task… yet it can be tricky and even divisive in the family!  Some pet lovers are so con...

The Best Feline Companions for Single People

Living on your own has its perks, but being responsible for a pet without someone to share the load with can be difficult. We...

What to Do If Your Dog is Attacked in Public

What to Do If Your Dog is Attacked in Public

Seeing your pooch attacked by another dog is scary stuff. Our first instinct might be to rush to their aid, but it’s im...

How to Stop Your Kitten from Ruining Your Furniture

You love your cat, but you love your leather sofa as well. Don’t worry, it’s possible to have one without sacrifi...