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For the ultimate in information about pet care, visit the Petsecure website today. We provide quality pet insurance for dog and cat lovers wanting the best for their pets.

How to name your dog

How do you name your dog?

When we named our two dogs, it was quite a long process of discussion and debate!  Many names considered and chucked out for...

Puppies for Sale

Selling or giving away a pet? Know the rules

If you’re thinking about selling, or giving away, a cat or a dog – there are some things you need to know. It’s a good ...

Puppy Spaniel
Dog wrapped in towel

The Benefits and Importance of Regular Pet Grooming

Not all of us who have pets have the luxury of giving them their own individual themed birthday parties, nor do we get them f...

Could a Large Dog be your Ideal Family Pet?

It is estimated that around 62% of households in Australia own a pet, and out of these 38% of them are dog owners, according ...

Travel with Pets: 6 Tips if you Plan to Travel with a Senior Dog

While the younger version of your family dog may have been ready to bounce out the door and hit the road at a moment’s noti...

Before you judge, consider why some pets are surrendered

In most cases, giving up a pet isn’t easy, and it is certainly heartbreaking to see how many pets get surrendered.  But it...

Sniffing behaviour

Dogs and smell.  The burning questions!

Firstly, for context, your dog’s nose is amazing! In fact a dog’s sense of smell is, according to James Walker*,10,000 to...

petsecure - Essential Tips for Looking After Your Pet’s Teeth and Gums

Tips to Help You Cut the Cost of Dog Ownership

Yikes!  How Much????  Bringing a dog into your life can be one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences you’ll ever h...