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For the ultimate in information about pet care, visit the Petsecure website today. We provide quality pet insurance for dog and cat lovers wanting the best for their pets.

three kittens, how to toilet train your cat

How to toilet train your cat

Sure, all you want to do with a new kitten is cuddle it and play with it. However, if you want to avoid foul-smelling problem...

young family with golden retriever, pet health insurance

Why pet health insurance is growing in popularity

Pet health insurance has leap-frogged pet sitting and grooming services, making it a popular purchase for pet owners. Pet hea...

white and tan dog with nose to camera

Covid-19 and your pet – what you need to know

What is a Coronavirus/COVID-19?  COVID-19 is the disease caused by the recently identified coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Coronavir...

woman holding kitten, pet owner

8 cool gifts for pet lovers

There are certainly some folk who love their pets more than people. If you just so happen to have a pet-crazy pal, why not co...

Close up image of pug, pet photography

Pet photography: How to take the best photo of your fur pal

Capturing your pet’s cuteness isn’t always easy. Either they won’t sit still or they look away just as you take the sho...

white fluffy dog on lead

How to be an eco-friendly pet owner

You don’t have to be a hippy to recognise the benefits of environmentally-kind pet care. Here are a few ways you can reduce...

dog with lead on, walking and running your dog

Guide to walking and running your dog — the right way!

No matter how big or small Rover is, he’ll need daily exercise and while you might think walking and running your dog is ea...

little girl lying next to her dog, kids and pets

How kids can benefit from a family pet

Got a new pet or considering inviting a furry friend to join your family? Well, you might be interested to hear about the ben...

dog with tongue out, bad breath in dogs

How to stop bad breath in dogs

From not-so-sweet puppy kisses to downright stinky dog breath, is your furry friend suffering from a case of pongy mouth? We ...