Why pet insurance makes good sense for rescue organisations and their clients

As a rescue organisation we know that you care deeply about pets, and you know better than most that responsible pet ownership is critical and means a lot more than just “loving your pet”. It also means taking care of them in their time of need, which can mean expensive visits to the vet that many are not financially prepared for. That’s where pet insurance can help. Our policies pay either 75% or 85% of eligible vet’s bills (depending on what the customer chooses), covers chronic conditions, has no breed exclusions and is guaranteed renewable for life. Like all pet insurance policies, pre-existing conditions are excluded – however customers can apply after 18 months of cover to get this exclusion lifted.

When you sign up as an partner rescue organization, we offer:

Discount on pet insurance for your customers, for as long as they continuously hold their policy

An annual affiliate fee to you to help support the important work that you do

Promotion of your organization and the services you provide

For more information and to sign up as a partner affiliate:

Email: rescue@petsecure.com.au

Call Liz:  0411 556 700

Learn more about our current Pet Rescue Partners, and the amazing work they do around Australia.