Q.  How much can I claim each year?

A. With Petsecure there is no  limit on individual claims.  If you select Accident & Illness cover, you can claim up to $12,000 each year, and if you select Accident cover you can claim up to $8,000 each year.  The amount you are paid for each eligible vet’s bill depends on the plan you choose. You can choose from the 85%  plan which pays $85.00 out of every $100 of eligible vet’s bills claimed, or a 75% plan which pays $75.00 out of every $100 of eligible vet’s bills claimed.  If you select the 75% plan, the premium is cheaper as the benefit paid for each claim is lower, but you can still claim up to $12,000 each year with Accident & Illness cover and $8,000 each year with Accident only cover.

Q. Are there any excess payments? 

A. No. With Petsecure we will pay either 75% or 85% of eligible vet’s bills, up to the annual maximum amount payable ($8,000 for the Accident Cover option or $12,000 for the Accident & Illness Cover option. 

Q. Are there any limits on payments?

A. With Petsecure there is an annual limit of $2,600 for cruciate ligament conditions, and $300 per year for consultations.  For all other claims we pay either 75% or 85% of the vet’s bill – depending on the benefit level you have selected. There are no individual limits on claims.

Q. What if I don’t incur $12,000 worth of vet bills for Accident & Illness cover – do I get money back? 

A. Petsecure is there to help with the unexpected, and whilst it may seem unimaginable that you could be faced with vet bills of $12,000 or more in one year, the reality is that even for a simple accident the costs can mount up to thousands of dollars.  Remember there is no Medicare for pets, and with advancement in technology, we now have access to life saving treatments for our dogs and cats that was unheard of even 10 years ago.  Unfortunately this means that veterinary costs can mount up, often into the thousands of dollars.  Similar to insurance for your car or home & contents, you do not get anything back if you do not make a claim.  But remember that it could only take one serious incident to get back what you may have paid in premium, and some more.  Vet expenses insurance is an important measure to help give you the peace of mind of knowing that if you are faced with unexpected and costly vet bills, there will be insurance in place to help with the cost.