It’s getting to be that time of year again! The time when we give gifts to those happy little beings that bring such joy into our lives. That’s right, I’m talking about our pets. Sure, they may not know what day it is, but it’s great to give them a little something to show you love them. Here are some great gifts for dogs and cats that your little ball of fur might love.

Let’s start with gift ideas for all those doggies out there.


Does your dog sit at the window all day and stare out into the world? Does he bark at things he cannot see on the other side of the fence? Well now he can see the world outside, even when he’s fenced in. PetPeek is a little window you can install in your fence to allow your dog to peek out safely and keep an eye on what’s going on. It’s even rounded so that the dog can have a panoramic view of the whole neighbourhood.

Tennis ball launcher

Lots of dogs out there can tire their owners out playing fetch. The fact is, they can run for a lot longer than the average human can keep throwing. This tennis ball launcher sends balls further than your arm ever could, giving your dog a great workout long after your arm’s sore.


iFetch is a great toy that will automatically play fetch with your dog. If you’re ill or injured, iFetch can play with your pup for you! A ball is placed on top of the toy, shooting it out of a cannon, not dissimilar to tennis ball launchers. You can train your dog to simply bring the ball back and drop it in, starting the process all over again. iFetch can even be set up indoors for smaller dogs to chase the ball throughout the house.

Hidden treat puzzle game

If your dog is more of a cerebral type, perhaps this gift will give him some food for thought. Hidden treat games force your dog to perform an action – such as removing a lid from a container or rotating a section of the toy – to reveal one of the many treats inside. It will keep your dog thinking and occupied for a long time.

Sock and ball toys

For all those DIYers out there, or those on a budget, the old sock and ball toy is a great classic gift for your dog. Wrap a tennis ball in a sock and voila! You’ve created a great bouncing toy that they can chase around, but also something you can play tug of war with. Just make sure to let your dog win every once in awhile!

Now let’s look at some gifts for the kitties out there.

Heated bed

We love our cats, but I think we can all admit that they seem a bit lazy at times. Make sure their rest is as luxurious as possible with this heated bed. Even in the winter on a cold floor, kitties can be cozy and warm as they sleep the day away.

Cat stroller

Sometimes we may think that our housecat is jealous of the dog. Dogs get to experience the outside world while the cat has to stay home and stare longingly out the window. Not anymore, however! Bring your cat anywhere by getting its own little cat stroller. No worries about them slipping the leash or refusing to move, either.

Catnip bubbles

Cats love bubbles and cats love catnip, so why not put the two together? Your cat gets to chase around bubbles with the added bonus of a little catnip as a reward for catching one. It will keep them occupied and engaged for much longer than regular bubbles.

Food maze

A cat’s food maze is a puzzle with separate sections stacked on top of one another. The cat has to knock pieces of food back from one level down to the next, until it comes out in the feeding tray. This game can keep cats engaged for a long time, and probably annoy them a little as well, for a little added fun.

Cat scratch turntable

Has your cat ever expressed the desire to be a DJ? No? Well, at least you can have some cute memories with a cat scratch table made to look like a turntable. Be sure to take photos of your new star.

Homemade scratchpad

This is another one for those DIYers. Get a block of wood, no matter what size, and wrap some standard rope around it. Find a place you can hang it on your wall where the cat can have easy access. Add some catnip for extra excitement, and you’ve produced a nice little scratchpad for your kitty to enjoy.

Let’s face it; to some of us, pets are just like children. So why can’t Santa visit them too?! There are countless gift ideas out there that your cat or dog will absolutely love. If these aren’t perfect for your pet, then at least they will give you a start on finding the perfect gift to give your furry friend the merriest Christmas ever.

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Liz Walden

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