While pet lovers generally unite in their love for their furry friends, it’s not uncommon to find dog lovers and cat lovers at odds as to which is the best pet. Let’s take a look at both sides of this popular debate.

Let’s face it, there are pros and cons to owning both a cat and a dog. So really it just comes down to personal preference, and which animal best suits your lifestyle.

Wondering where you stand in the dog versus cat debate? Or perhaps you’re simply trying to decide which is the best pet for you. Either way, here are five arguments for each.

Dogs are better than cats because…

Dog is man’s best friend

Man and dog have been besties since, well forever! Dogs are well known to be faithful companions. What’s more, they’ve worked alongside man for centuries. They hunt, farm and guard and will give their life to protect yours. What more can you ask for from a friend?

brown dog carrying a stick in its mouth

Image source: Jamie Street on Unsplash

You can train a dog

Dogs are clever and love having a sense of purpose. Intelligent, well-trained dogs have made huge differences to the lives of many humans. Where would we be without assistance dogs? Proof of their ability and agility is the fact they are employed by the police and army as rescue dogs and sniffer dogs. Do you know how tough it is to get in to the police?

Dogs offer protection

Okay, so not all dogs have the ability to save your life if the need should arrive; yes, I’m thinking of that pooch that Paris Hilton carries around in her handbag! Yet, most dogs will instinctively protect their home and owner and ward off intruders by barking, growling and baring their teeth. That’s got to be best pet material!

Put it this way—would you feel safer running at night with a dog in toe or carrying a cat?

cute brown curly-haired dog

Image source: Jamie Street on Unsplash

There’s a greater variety of dogs

Dogs are the best pet because they come in all shapes and sizes. While cats do vary in size slightly, there’s a much larger variety of dog sizes and breeds. You can choose from a tiny dog, a mid-sized canine or a dog the size of a horse. Think: Great Dane!

Dogs are more fun

Dogs love to play and have fun. They can fetch a ball, run with you, play rough and tumble, or take part in a tug of war. While cats can play too, you can’t take them to the beach, camping or for a swim. Let’s face it; the dog is the ultimate furry fun chum!

Cats are better than dogs because…

They’re cleaner with better toilet habits

Cats can be trained to use a litter box from the get go so you’ll be cleaning up ‘little messages’ far less often than you would with a new puppy. When outdoors, cats are good at burying their pooh and wee. It might end up in your flowerbed, but this is better than having a dog who poops and wees wherever it pleases, then watches as you clean it up.

Persian cat

Image source: Ludemeula Fernandes on Unsplash

Cats behave better with visitors

It’s not often you hear of a postie being attacked by a cat, that’s because cats have manners. Whereas a dog will growl and bark at a visitor—be it friend or foe—cats observe from a far. Certainly, your cat might approach your visitor to give them the once over but he or she won’t leap and paw and sniff your visitor’s crotch!

Cats are less smelly

How often do you hear, “Ewe, it smells of cat in here”? You don’t, because cats are clean and love to spend hours grooming themselves, which gets rid of any nasty odours.

tabby cat being tickled under the chin

Image source: Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Cats are low maintenance

Cats make the best pet for someone who wants little – low maintenance. Our purring pals require much less attention and work than their canine counterparts. You don’t need to walk them or throw balls for hours on end. Pop some food and water down and they’ll pretty much fend for themselves, making cats a cool choice for any animal lover with a busy lifestyle.

Cats are quieter than dogs

No neighbour wants to listen to a dog barking for hours on end, particularly not at night. This can cause stress for dog owners. Ditch the dog and get a cat and noise is no longer an issue! Even the loudest meow is unlikely to travel over the garden fence.

What say you? Is our feline friend or canine chum the best best?

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Leanne Philpott

Leanne is a freelance writer at contentchameleon.com.au. She works alongside her fur pal Chewie (a border terrier) and is passionate about promoting responsible pet ownership.