//Featured Pet Friendly Article of the Week

Featured Pet Friendly Article of the Week

Featured Pet Friendly Article of the Week

PetsecureBadge-160321 (2)At Petsecure we love content about animals and pets. We’re constantly writing about all areas of pet ownership. And we’re constantly searching for great articles – stories of people and their pets, guides that help us learn how to be better pet owners, resources to help us find and choose pets, and much more. To help you separate the great content from everything else out there, every week we feature one article that has stood out to us and we’re confident you’ll love. Make sure to check back regularly to see all the new articles we feature.

Pet-care01Current article of the week

We’re a big fan of the Advantage Petcare blog as it has lots of incredibly helpful advice on caring for our dogs and cats. This resource on senior cats is a must-read for any owners who want to give their feline friend the best care during their later years.

Pet-careMarch 21st – 27th

The story of Daisy the dog with no eyes is a really heart warming tale that will make you want to take this cute little ‘cuddle bug’ home to your place. Definitely not for the dry-eyed.

Pet-care1March 14th – 20th

Ever wondered what your pets would say if they could talk? This article from Creature Clinic entitled ‘A Letter From My Dog’ will have you looking at your own pets twice. Hilarious reading.

Pet-care04Week of March 7th – 13th

A first aid course for pets? Why not? This article from Science WA describes an innovative new program being run in Perth to teach pet owners how to save their pet’s life in an emergency.

Pet-care02Week of February 29th – March 6th

Are you a cat or a dog person? Take the test from Petbarn with this colourful article and see if you identify with the 10 things only cat people understand.

no-imgWeek of February 22nd – 28th

To celebrate Vet Nurses Day, this uplifting tribute from Dr. Belinda the Vet to vet nurses everywhere lists 30 reasons why veterinarians can’t get by without their support staff.

Pet-care2Week of February 15th – 21st

Does your dog have a meltdown on New Year’s Eve? This article from the Pug Diary on preparing nervous pugs for fireworks is useful for teaching any pooch about staying calm in the line of fire.

Pet-care4Week of February 1st – 7th

Life is better with pets. This blog at Creature Clinic celebrating the positives of pet ownership will make you nod your head in agreement and give Fluffy or Bruiser an extra pat on the head.

Pet-care5Week of January 25th – 31st

Animals are common casualties in bushfires, so these useful tips at KoKo’s Dog Blog (care of the CFA) on caring for your pets in bushfire risk areas are something every responsible pet owner should read (and tape to the fridge).

Pet-care6Week of January 18th – 24th

When you get a new cat, its introduction to your home needs to be positive, so this blog from Coops and Cages is well worth a read if you’ve just brought home that furry new bundle of joy.

Pet-care7Week of  January 11th – 17th

This cutest moments of 2015 video from Edgar’s Mission, the not-for-profit farm sanctuary, will put a smile on your face and an extra wag in your tail.

Pet-care03Week of January 4thth – 10th

If you love animals and want to support those who take care of them, this list of Australia’s top animal-loving charities from Lost Pet Finders will point you in the right direction.

Pet-care8Week of December 28th – January 3rd

Happy Tails is a great source of true life adoption stories from the Animal Welfare League of QLD. If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, these heart warming tails will make your mind up for you.

Pet-care10Week of December 21st – 27th

We love our pets, but not our pests, so how do we control one without hurting the other? This article from Pet Problems Solved provides the answer, with some useful tips on pest control for pet owners.

Pet-care11Week of December 14th – 20th

At Petsecure, we love inspiring stories that involve pets. This story from Ozzi Cat of a how Maine Coon named Thula became the companion to a creative young girl with autism is definitely worth your time.

Pet-care12Week of December 7th – 13th

A fascinating article on the benefits of turmeric for your pets from Paws and Pedals. Of course consult with your veterinarian first, but it’s a detailed perspective worth reading and keeping in mind for dogs with inflammation issues.

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