Grooming your pet at home can be tempting.   I mean, how hard can it be?  Well if like me you chanced on cutting your own hair at some point in your life, you’ll understand that’s there’s more to it than meets the eye!  The other consideration is cost – the DIY option sounds like an easy way to avoid that cost.  Whilst it does on the face of it, look like an easy task, there is a lot of knowledge required and experience really does count in this field.  There are many different breeds of dogs and their grooming requirements aren’t the same. You probably have no idea how to groom your furry terrier, but you can figure out how to clean up your Siamese cat. The truth is that doing it DIY or hiring a pet groomer comes with advantages and disadvantages. You need to know them.

Pros and Cons of Home Grooming

Most people simply want to avoid the huge cost that a dog groomer will paste on the invoice. If you know the tools and products needed for a dog shower, you don’t have to shell out money when you can do it. Remember, when you groom your pet, it’s usually a golden bonding chance that you don’t want to pass up on. It’s advisable that you know the grooming intervals and the maintenance task to carry out before the next major grooming exercise.  But remember you will need to do a bit of research to make sure you are using the right clippers, shampoos, combs, brushes, etc.  And the cost of that equipment can certainly add up.  Again if you feel that you are going to use the equipment on a regular basis and over the years then it would most certainly pay to get the best you can afford.  It takes a lot of research to know the perfect grooming products for your kind of dog, and ideally you should talk to a groomer about this as they would know what would suit your pooch the best. This way, you can be more confident that there will be no adverse effects from using the wrong clipper or shaver.  It’s important to note as well that the blades are different for different part of the pet’s body.

So talk to your groomer and get advice on the best nail trimmers, hair clippers and aftercare tips, especially if you have mowed down your dog’s thick coat. Remember, you might be paying a professional to do a job that you can do after a few trials. There are lots of video tutorials online – you should take the time to watch and learn from them before you embark on your first home grooming session – but do be prepared to make mistakes in the beginning.  The safety of your pet should be the priority, so ensure that you know how the use the equipment safely for your pet and the guidelines around nail trimming, trimming the face and other delicate areas of your pet’s body.

The other reason you may want to do the grooming yourself if that your pet is old, or simply gets too stressed at the groomers.  The good news is that even your pets will love it (or at least learn to love it!). You are already acquainted and you only need to introduce an element of fun into the process. Let your pet know that letting you groom them will result into a reward. This can make it easier for you.

Why it’s a good idea to hire a professional

The reason why you need to call in a professional cat or dog groomer is that it might be an elaborate and complex grooming procedure. You might not have the Hair Clippers Club knowledge, skill and willingness to tug and tussle with your furry friend especially the mischievous type. The professional groomer will have seen it all, they will know what to do to bring a troublesome pitbull to submission and carry out the grooming smoothly and without stressing your pet.

The fact that you are a busy person means that you may not have the time to groom your dog. With a tight job schedule, consider hiring a groomer. You know that they are good at what they do and you can entrust them to take care of your cat or dog.

When grooming a dog or a cat, there are particular procedures you need to follow. The breed you are grooming is likely to require special attention. Instead of chancing on it, the professional groomer will put expertise to work. They will know what to do with the teeth, ears, skin and nails. You might not have an idea about the best tools and you could end up injuring your pet.

The professional will also have all the right tools for the job, and keep them maintained so that they can do the best job possible in the shortest amount of time.  No messing around with blunt blades!

If you own multiple pets, the time can add up. In all likelihood you would be less efficient that a professional groomer.  So you may be able to do one or two pets in a day.  So if you have multiple pets  the time can certainly add up.

There is no guarantee that your pets will love and cozy up to strangers. If you bring in a groomer, it can be a stressful experience for your pet, but a professional groomer will know how best to manage this.

To make the right choice when hiring a groomer, check out their premises and make sure the animals are comfortable, safe and secure, not stressed out, and have water available for the pets in their care.  If possible take some time to watch the groomer interacting with pets to ensure they have the right approach for your precious fur friend!

Let us know your experience with home grooming your pet.

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Liz has a passion for all things cat and dog, and was one of the first in Australia to bring Pet Insurance to the market. She has headed up Petsecure for the past 12 years, and is committed to promoting and supporting the amazing work done by rescue groups around Australia, and those who work to promote a better life for all animals.