Scary decorations, spooky costumes and lollies at the ready; Halloween is just around the corner. However, you might have your dress up sorted but have you stopped to consider Halloween pet safety?

Halloween brings with it a whole host of potentially dangerous and unsettling things for pets. From loud noises and chilling screams to toxic ingredients and uncomfortable pet costumes.

Indeed, make this Halloween fun for everyone, including your beloved dog and feline friend, by taking some time to consider these Halloween pet safety tips.

Check the safety of your Halloween decorations

While spooky string lights and carved candle-lit pumpkins are awesome ways to make Halloween super festive, they can pose a pet safety risk. Without a doubt, this doesn’t mean you have to be a Debbie Downer and ditch the decorations, just be aware of the pet safety aspect.

Place pumpkins in areas where they are less likely to be knocked over or nibbled on by a hungry pet. Ensure wires are out of reach and that other hanging decorations, such as Halloween garlands, are not likely to trip or tangle up mischievous cats and dogs.

Be mindful with Halloween pet costumes

Yes, your Chihuahua might look very cute dressed up as a pumpkin and turning your cat into a spider is hilarious but only if it’s not causing your pet undue stress.

If they start to look freaked out, are acting unusually or the costume limits your pet’s movement, it’s probably a little unfair to expect them to continue wearing it.

Of course, there are some pets that appear to enjoy getting into the spirit of Halloween and will happily wear a scary costume. Just be sure to keep pet safety in mind. Check the costume for small pieces that can be chewed or may be sharp. Ensure there are no choking hazards and the outfit doesn’t prevent your cat or dog from seeing, breathing or moving easily.

Also, if it’s a lovely warm night, try not to dress you pet up in anything too hot. You don’t want your cat or dog to overheat!

Keep lollies & chocolates out of reach

Turn your back for too long and you might find Fido feasting on the lolly bowl, which isn’t likely to end well. Certainly, many sweet treats are toxic to pets, especially chocolate and the sugar substitute xylitol. So hang onto the lolly bowl and make certain it’s only trick-or-treaters that devour the chocolate and sweets.

Also, be sure to pick up any wrappers that are dropped or left lying around. Not only is this good for the environment, but if a cat or dog decides to ingest a lolly wrapper it could lead to a bowel obstruction. At the very least, the pet’s likely to have a bad tummy.

Be aware of unfamiliar noises and people

While you might be perfectly okay with noisy and excited trick-or-treaters stomping up your driveway and banging on the front door, your poor pet could be having kittens!

Find a safe and quiet space, ideally towards the back of your home, where your pet will feel secure and less stressed. It’s a good idea to give them a treat or toy to help keep them occupied.

Additionally, if you plan to walk the streets collecting lollies and joining in the Halloween fun, consider leaving Borris the dog with a family member of friend. Ideally you want someone who lives in a quiet area with less trick-or-treaters.

Lastly, whether your pet is safe and secure inside or tagging along as you go trick or treating, make sure they are wearing their collar and pet ID tag. Imagine if they decide to make a dash for the door when trick-or-treaters knock or a loud noise causes them to break free from you and run? It’s much more likely they’ll be returned safely if they are wearing their collar and ID tag.

There’s no denying, Halloween can be a whole bunch of sugar-fuelled fun for kids (and parents) but keeping pet safety in mind is essential. The last thing you want to do on Halloween is rush your pet off to the emergency vet.

What’s more, Halloween pet safety doesn’t need to be tricky. It just takes a little common sense and the evening can be fun for everyone.

Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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