//Top Tips For Grooming Your Dog

Top Tips For Grooming Your Dog

Top Tips For Grooming Your Dog

Are you looking to save some money on your current dog grooming fees?

If you own a dog that doesn’t require much grooming, a quick bath and regular brushing is probably enough to keep them looking well groomed and feeling great. But if your furry friend requires a little more attention, regularly visiting professional dog groomers can quickly get expensive, not to mention time consuming.

So why not groom your pet dog at home instead?

While grooming can be a little tricky for some of the larger or more hairy breeds, if you follow our simple tips you can easily keep your dog looking good, without always having to visit the professionals.

1. Brush your dog prior to washing

Regular brushing will keep your dog’s hair from becoming matted. Prior to washing any long-haired breed, you should always give them a brush to ensure that any tangles and matted areas are removed. This will also remove any dead or loose hair.

As you brush, it’s important to untangle all your dog’s hair. Don’t just brush the top layers, but ensure that the layers underneath are smooth and tangle-free. If the mats prove to be impossible to remove the hair may need to be cut out, or if they’re particularly bad, your dog may need to be shaved.

2. Wash your dog using pet shampoo

You’ll need to find a safe place to wash your dog, whether that’s in the bath, the shower, or in the garden. Wash them using a pet or medicated shampoo and then rinse them thoroughly. You may need to repeat this process if they’re especially dirty. Once they’ve been rough dried with a towel, if your dog will allow it you can use a hairdryer to dry their coat more thoroughly. Otherwise, lie a blanket out in the sunshine for them to dry on.  Do not use “human” shampoo to wash your dog – it’s not designed for dogs and will more than likely cause issues such as dry skin or itching.

3. Brush, brush and brush again!

Once your dog is dry, it’s time to get the brush out again. Brush slowly, making sure that you gently remove any mats or tangles.

4. Clipping your dog

If your dog has a coat that grows continuously, it will need regular trimming to keep it in shape and to keep the hair out of your dog’s eyes. Clippers can be purchased from a pet store. Make sure you choose one that has a variety of attachments, so you can clip at the right length around the body and the face. You’ll also need a pair of scissors to trim around your dog’s whiskers, ears and paws. Clipping should be done in long, smooth strokes in the direction of the hair growth.

If you feel that clipping your dog would be too difficult, either enlist someone to help you, or maybe leave this part of the process to dog grooming professionals.

5. Trim your dog’s nails

This is probably the most fiddly of all your dog grooming jobs. Using dog nail clippers, snip the ends of the claws by cutting away small amounts at a time. To avoid bleeding you should keep the clippers well away from the soft tissue, known as the ‘quick’. You should be able to see this clearly if your dog has clear nails, however if they’re black take it very slowly and always check for a pale circle on the underside of the claw between each snip you make. Stop before you reach this pale spot.

6. Getting the style right

If your dog is usually trimmed in a specific style, you may want to leave this part to the professionals. Or, what you can do is create more length between visits by using a pair of scissors to trim your dog’s hair, and keep them neat and tidy for longer.

Grooming your dog at home will not only save you money, but gives you the opportunity to bond with your dog. After all, you’ll be giving your pooch your undivided attention for all that time it takes to complete the process.

You’ll also help reduce the amount your dog sheds, and be able to check them for any lumps, bumps, scratches, or infestations of fleas or ticks as you groom them. Keeping your dog groomed, especially those with longer hair, is important to ensure that their skin stays healthy and irritant free, so develop the habit of regular home grooming today.

And one last thing – don’t forget to reward your dog when the grooming session is over!

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