Q. How can I save money on my premiums?

A. To lower your premium you can select the 75% benefit payment option.  With Petsecure you also have  the flexibility of fortnightly or monthly payment options.  With fortnightly and monthly payments there is a $1.00 collection fee, per collection, so you can also save money by paying annually.

Q. What are the payment options?

A. You have the option to pay your pet’s insurance premium fortnightly, monthly or annually via credit card or direct debit from your bank account. When you pay fortnightly or monthly, there is a $1.00 collection fee, per collection.

Q. Are there any special discounts?

A. Yes. You can qualify for a maximum 10% discount if you hold a Pension Card, have an assistance dog (such as a guide dog), or have got your pet through an affiliated rescue organisation.

Q.  Is there is a discount if I insure more than one pet?

A.    Yes.  For those of us who have more than one pet, Petsecure offers a discount of 10% off the premium for the second and all subsequent pets.  This can be multiple dogs or cats, or cats and dogs combined!  A maximum 10% discount applies.

Your pets are individually insured, but you still get the benefit of the discount.

When you apply on-line, after you have put in the details of your first pet, you will be asked if you would like to insure a second pet.

Q. What happens if my pet dies? Will I get a refund of any premium paid in advance?

A. To make sure that we have all necessary details, please write to us to cancel your cover. We will refund any premium you have paid less any amount that covers the period insured as long as you have not made a claim.

Q. Why are there differences in pet insurance premium costs?

Pet insurance premiums will depend on the breed, age, and the amount and type of cover you want.  You may find that lower cost policies also come with lower benefits!  For example you can find policies that offer an annual benefit amount of $10,000 with a 75% which will most likely (and not surprisingly) cost less than Petsecure’s $12,000 benefit and 85% payout.  Also cheaper options may include co-payments.  It is important when you choose your policy to not just look at the premium – consider what you would be able to afford to payout in the event of a large claim.  For example if your pet required an operation that cost $5,000 – would you be able to find the $1,500 if there was a 70% payout option, compared to Petsecure which would mean you’d pay half of that ($750.00).  Some policies also have Per Condition Excess amounts. So if your per condition excess was $500, you would need to pay that for the condition before any insurance payment kicked in.  Of course a policy like that could appear cost effective, but in the event of the need to claim, you may be disappointed.