Q. What does Petsecure Vet Expenses Insurance cover?

A.  Petsecure covers vet costs for treatment and surgeries for accidents and illnesses ranging from minor problems like ear infections and bee stings to major issues such as broken bones, or chronic (recurring) conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

You can choose to cover your dog or cat for Accident only or Accident and Illness.  You can choose a benefit payment option of either 75% or 85%. This means that, depending on the option you choose, we will pay either 75% or 85% of your eligible vet’s bills, up to the annual limit.   Accident Cover will cover your pet for up to $8,000 per year for accidental injuries and Accident & Illness Cover will pay up to $12,000 per y ear for accidental injuries and illnesses.  When you choose Accident and Illness Cover you can add Wellness Care as well. Wellness Care pays towards the cost of keeping your pet healthy by paying up to $145 for a range of treatments including vaccinations, de-sexing, micro-chipping, teeth cleaning, heartworm, flea, tick and worm control.

Q. Does Petsecure insure pets other than cats & dogs?

A. Petsecure pet insurance covers only cats and dogs at this point in time.

Q.  What happens if my cat or dog gets a condition that doesn’t go away (chronic condition)?

A.  As with other conditions covered by your policy, cover for these conditions, such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes will be covered up to the applicable annual benefit limit, as shown on your Certificate of Insurance, provided the policy is renewed annually without any break in cover and there is no change in the level of cover after age 9.

Q. What is defined as an accidental injury?

A. An accidental injury is an unforeseen event that results in visible, physical or bodily injuries to your pet. For example broken bones, dog and cat fight, or a motor vehicle accident.

Q. What is defined as an illness?

A. An illness means an unexpected sickness or disease or any change to your pet’s normal healthy state which is not caused by injury to your pet. For example upset stomach, skin conditions, ear infection, poisoning.

Q. What is a cruciate ligament?

A.  There are two cruciate ligaments in the knee.  They attach the thigh bone to the shin bone.  They allow the knee to flex and extend and they stablilse the joint.  It can just be a simple slip on uneven ground or slippery floor that can cause a cruciate rupture.  Of the two ligaments, the one that most often gets damaged is the anterior cruciate ligament.   If this happens the joint becomes unstable as a result there would be intense pain and inflamation would occur.  Your vet will be able to diagnose a cruciate rupture, generally by touch, and advise the best treatment, often this means surgery.  There is a limit on claims for cruciate ligament conditions of $2,600 per annum, but you may be eligible for a lhigher limit and if so this will be specified on your Certificate of Insurance.

Q. Is euthanasia covered?

A. Yes, euthanasia is covered if it is medically necessary.

Q. Do you cover hereditary and congenital conditions?

A. Yes, as long as they were not present or showed clinical signs prior to joining Petsecure Vet Expenses Insurance (ie a pre-existing condition). Petsecure does not exclude breed specific conditions.

Q. Do you provide cover for tick paralysis treatment?

A. Yes, when you select Accident & Illness Cover, your cover includes $500 benefit per year toward vet costs resulting from treatment for paralysis ticks.

Q. Can I cover my pet if I take it on holiday with me?

A. Yes, your pet is covered for eligible vet expenses incurred anywhere in Australia. Your pet will also be covered by their Petsecure policy whilst travelling in a country that does not require your pet to enter quarantine on re-entry to Australia.