//10 Doggie Gift Ideas for Christmas

10 Doggie Gift Ideas for Christmas

10 Doggie Gift Ideas for Christmas

The Christmas spirit is all about sharing joy and generosity with loved ones, so why not include your furry family members in the present sharing as well? It can be difficult to know what your pet will appreciate, and it can often be hit or miss, which is why we’ve put together a list of items we know your pooch will love, whether it’s to chew, relax on, play with or dress up in.

1. Pet furniture

There’s a whole world of pet furniture out there these days! You can start with a basic pet bed, all the way up to a large and luxurious furnished kennel. Pet furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, all the way from simple lounges to spaceship shaped structures.  You can get them elevated to the same level as your bed, or built into the walls of your house or lounge chairs. Think outside the box and attach your dog bed to the wall, or hang a hammock under a glass coffee table so you can watch the little cutie sleep. From there, you can upgrade to car booster seats to keep your pooch safe on road trips, or doggy carriers that can change between being used as a trundle trolley or a backpack.

2. Box subscriptions

Know that your furry friend will be spoiled without having to spend the time shopping yourself. Petbox subscriptions, such as Olly’s Box, send you monthly care packages filled with goodies sure to keep your dog healthy and happy. Organic treats, new toys and grooming products will provide hours of entertainment. You can even order special ‘Barkday’ editions or a puppy box as a one-off. All of this comes tailored to your dog’s age and personality. Sometimes, it can be hard to find such a variety of pet-friendly goodness in one place, which is why a subscription box is so convenient.


3. Customised toys

Customised toys mean that everybody will know they belong to your pet. You can get chasey toys with a name printed on them, or if you have more than one dog, you can get customised bowls, leads and beds, so your friends and dog sitter will never mix them up. Even cuter are dog jackets with a name or special phrase on them. You can even get biscuits and treats in customised bags or shapes. These make great gifts for someone with a pet, or for your own pooch who you love so much.


4. Dog water fountain

Dog or pet water fountains come in variety of designs, sizes and prices. These can be really handy if you sometimes get home a little late and you’re worried that your pooch at home will need a drink! Look for one with a high capacity so you have to fill it less often, a filter to remove unwanted minerals or pollutants from the water and, if it’s plastic, make sure it is BPA free.

Some will continuously circulate the water to prevent it getting stagnant, which can be especially appealing if your dog likes to drink from running water. They can come with a splash guard to prevent that seemingly inevitable slippery mess on the floor, and generally heavier fountains are less likely to get knocked over. Be sure to consider a size appropriate for your dog’s size and weight.

5. Treat dispensing toys

Interactive toys that offer a challenge and reward can keep your dog entertained and engaged for hours on end. Some toys will dispense treats automatically once you turn them on, while others simply make it challenging for your dog to access what’s inside. You can even get interactive food mazes. Many toys will still come with a squeak for extra action, and some might even be a challenge for you to get the treat out! If you can’t wait to buy something, consider converting your existing toys by poking a little treat inside. You can use some of these toys to encourage your dog to eat slower. As usual, look out for products that are BPA, PVC and phthalate free.


6. Automatic fetch machine

No matter how much we love our pets, sometimes we just can’t quite find enough time to give them the attention they deserve every day. While nothing can replace spending quality one-on-one time engaging with your pal, sometimes an automatic toy means they can at least get the exercise they need while you finish off your busy day. These toys work by shooting balls out, which your dog can fetch and replace into a bucket at the top to be shot back out again for unlimited fun. Unlike you, this toy doesn’t run out of energy, so if you just struggle to bend and throw as much as you or your dog would like, you can stand by and give encouragement while the toy does all the hard work.


7. Everlasting treat ball

An everlasting treat ball can provide an interactive toy that keeps your dog entertained for hours, as the seemingly everlasting treat inside takes so long to consume. They will love it as much as a bone, but it is much better suited to an indoor environment. Made of puncture proof-rubber and designed to bounce erratically, this toy puts the fun back into mealtimes. Play hide and seek or fetch with it, or leave your dog to their own devices. You can place loose treats inside which will rattle and make the ball extra enticing. You will enjoy watching the extra activity your dog will get out of an everlasting treat ball. These balls are made from extra tough material that is free from latex, vinyl and phthalates.


8. A suitable bed

Be sure to keep your dog as comfy as possible, and make sure their bed looks classy in your home as well. A well-made and attractive dog bed is a good way to make a statement. Choose one with handles if you think you might need to lift it, and make sure that you pick one made of materials suitable for the environment you will use it in, whether this is indoors or outdoors. Soft materials are better for polished floors, while weatherproof fabrics are better for outdoor use. Pick a colour and look that will match your décor and a size that will be just right for your dog!

It’s recommended that if you have a cat you ensure there are two available beds for your dog – as the cat is likely to steal one of them!


9. Handcrafted dog kennel

A handcrafted dog kennel allows you to choose a product that is perfect for both your dog and your home. You can be a part of the design process or simply brief the builders. This way you can be sure to buy an Australian product made of Australian materials. You can get duplex kennels, with bunkbeds inside, a connected sundeck and names engraved on the outside for the ultimate luxury kennel experience.

Or alternatively, you could make the kennel yourself.


10. Treats

It’s all about sharing the love so how about a special foodie treat for your fur-mate and at the same time you can be helping other pets in need.  Visit Savour Life – they’re a 100% Aussie company that makes naturally delicious treats for dogs – and 50% of their profits are donated to pet rescue organisations around Australia!  That’s what we call win-win!

Enjoy yourselves!

There are so many options it can be hard to choose which one is the best for your spoiled pooch! It’s easy to make sure your dog is stylishly comfortable and entertained when you choose from these ideas. Why not pick something that you’ll enjoy giving, almost as much as they’ll enjoy using?

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