//4 Tips to keep your cat in his bed

4 Tips to keep your cat in his bed

4 Tips to keep your cat in his bed

Well this looks like the perfect bed for the cat, doesn’t it!

 But actually when it comes to sleeping places, I’ve seen cats in all sorts of surprising places, in shop windows, on chairs, on top of displays in shops, on top of the TV up on the shelves, under the sofa, hiding amongst the laundry, and would you believe it, from time to time, in their own special cat bed!

 The good thing about them liking their own bed, is that they don’t spread their hair around quite as much, and of course it can help keep them safe if you have dogs in the house for example, and if it’s the right bed it can be very satisfying for them!

Here’s some ideas to get your cat out of your bed and into their own bed:

Position:  Cats love to look down on their world, so they can see what’s going and they don’t have to worry about any predators.

Placement:   Cats love their bed on the window sill (but make sure it is firm), for a couple of reasons – firstly they can see all that is going on outside, be it birds, people, dogs – which is very stimulating for them, and of course they love to sun themselves.   

Style. Cats love to curl up, they favour round beds, and just like the 3 little bears, not too big, not too small, but just right!

Comfort. Cats love warmth, hence the delight in the spot in the window with the sun coming through.  But for those who like to pamper you can even buy heated pet beds, or keep it simple and just put their bed need a heat vent.  Never to close to a fire or flame of course as cat beds can be made of synthetic material which can be highly flammable.  


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