There are certainly some folk who love their pets more than people. If you just so happen to have a pet-crazy pal, why not consider a pet-inspired gift for their next birthday or special occasion?

When thinking about gifts for pet lovers, use an open mind, and think outside the box. As the pet industry grows, so too does the number of cool and interesting gifts for people who adore their pets. Here are eight awesome gift ideas for pet lovers.

8 cool gifts for pet lovers

Looking for the ‘pawfect’ gift idea for your pet-loving buddy? Here are eight gifts that are guaranteed to delight any pet lover.

pet engraved keychain, gifts for pet lovers

1. Pet engraved keychain

Silvercut creates custom engraved keychains. What exactly does this mean? Well, you can upload a photo of a cat or dog (even a photo of a pet who has passed away) and order a silver keychain that’s engraved with the image of the pet. Pretty special, hey? It’s a perfect gift for any cat or dog lover, as it means they can take their trusty pet with them wherever they go. Plus, it’s a great way to memorialize a beloved pet.

cat slippers

2. Pet slippers

Gift your pet-adoring pal a pair of pet slippers, but not just any pet slippers. These are handmade to look exactly like his or her pet. So now they can go for a walk with Felix or Fido in a whole new way!

pet art

3. Personalised pet art

This is a great gift for creative pet-loving friends. Give them just what they need to paint their own pet. The great thing is, your friend doesn’t even need any painting skills to be able to paint a fantastic picture of their fur pal.

Simply head to mii.creative and upload an image of your friend’s pet. The clever crew at Mii converts the image into a paint-by-numbers canvas kit. Gift it to your buddy and watch them unleash their inner artist!

pet portrait mug

4. Pet portrait mug

What’s better than coffee? Drinking coffee from a mug that features your favourite fur pal! Every pet lover will adore this super cute gift idea. It’s practical and personal and is the perfect gift for any pet lover. Plus, there are hundreds of different cat and dog breeds to choose from!

lego cats Jekca, gifts for pet lovers

5. Lego pet

The clever folk at Jekca came up with the crazy idea of build-your-own-pet kits. These building blocks for ‘Kidults’ enable you to make a life-like sculpture of your pet. So, if you’re looking for unique gifts for pet lovers this has to be one of the best ideas!

framed pet photos

6. Framed fur baby

Design conscious pet lovers will fall in love with a West & Willow custom illustrated pet portrait. The hardest part will be snapping a perfect pic of the pet. However, once you’ve worked your magic behind the camera, simply submit the image to the West and Willow digital artists and they’ll create a beautiful and modern pet portrait. Too cute!

pet socks and boxers, gifts for pet lovers

7. Pet undies & socks

Hunting for a useful and cute gift for your pet-loving friend? How about some fun custom pet underwear and socks? Now your friend can keep their pet close, even when they’re in work or away from home. Talk about snazzy!

pet plush

8. Life-size plush pet

Imagine a life-size, totally realistic plush replica of your pet? It’s the ideal pressie for any pet lover and you can bet it’s something they haven’t already got!


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