The Australian Mist is a fairly new breed which as the first locally bred pedigree cat, bears the moniker “made in Australia!” . This lovely, sociable breed was developed in the 1970s and 80s from a large gene pool of more than 30 cats that were half Burmese, a quarter Abyssinian and a quarter Australian Moggy (Domestic Shorthair Cat).

Australian Mists have the general size (4-7 kg) and friendly nature of the Burmese, the lively intelligence of the Abyssinian and the strong genes of the Domestic Tabby. Their delicately spotted and marbled coats are a combination of the best patterns of their three different ancestors. They have large, expressive green eyes.

Besides the two patterns, this cat comes in seven colours: warm brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, peach and gold. With a short, close-lying coat, there is only moderate shedding and you won’t need to groom your Australian Mist much. It is happy to be an indoor cat.

The carefully developed, well-bred Australian Mist gets top marks for its personality and temperament. It is a clever cat that loves people and has a friendly, easy-going nature. It tolerates handling by people and even small children and is just about the ideal family pet. When desexed, this cat will happily live side by side with other cats and dogs.

Australian Mists enjoy human company and will try to sit on your lap whether you like it or not. They quickly become a true member of your family.

The Australian Mist has no specific health problems and can be expected to live well into their late teens.


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Liz Walden

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