With its distinctive leopard-like markings, the Bengal Cat is easy to recognise. The Bengal is a carefully bred hybrid cat that has maintained the beauty of the wild Asian Leopard Cat and the temperament of the domestic cat.

Bengals are large cats that are strong and athletic, with their hind legs slightly longer than their front legs and relatively small heads. Males weigh between 4.5 and 7.5 kg while females range between 3.5 and 5.5 kg.

Bengal Cats have soft, sleek coats and come in two fur patterns: spotted (most common) and marbled. Both patterns come in a variety of tabby colours: traditional brown, seal sepia and seal mink. Bengals’ bellies are white and also have spots.

Bengal Cats love water and are enthusiastic climbers who like high places. They are intelligent and potentially naughty cats who need to be kept occupied with toys or interactive play. They are easy to train.

If the cat is home alone a lot, it will appreciate another cat to play with. They get along well with other pets as well as people, and can get very attached to one particular member of your family.

Bengals can be very vocal when they want something, and their loud voice cannot be ignored, but they are a fun cat that will make you laugh.

Bengal Cats are a generally healthy breed and will live to an average age of 15.

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