This is a beautiful short-haired cat breed that is the result of planned breeding between Siamese cats and domestic black cats in England back in the 1950s. It is quite a rare breed.

Havana Browns have much the same body type as Siamese cats but have green eyes instead of blue, a longer, triangular head and large ears that tilt forward. Their only coat colour is a rich, solid brown with mahogany undertones. Even their whiskers and paw pads are brown. Their coat is smooth and shiny.

The Havana Brown is a friendly and affectionate cat that can be a bit of a loner but generally enjoys the company of other pets and people. They tend to get along well with children, but can get very attached to one particular person for life.

They are extroverts who love attention, so be prepared to give it plenty. If you ignore your Havana Brown, you are likely to hear about it. Like its close relative the Siamese, this gorgeous brown cat can be very talkative, but luckily it has a soft and pleasant voice.

Havana Browns are generally a healthy breed, although you should watch out for obesity and urinary tract stones. Both can be prevented by controlling your cat’s diet. Also, for your cat to keep its slender, muscular build, it should not be allowed to overeat. The male Havana Brown weighs 3.5 to 5.5 kg while the smaller female weighs 3.5 kg or less.

This cat doesn’t require any special care, and can live up to about 13 years.

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