The Russian Blue is a nimble, medium-sized cat with a short, silvery-blue coat and a distinctly fine, soft and dense undercoat. Their lustrous coat, slender body and light, elegant tread give the Russian Blue a regal air.

Russian Blues have large vertical ears and almond-shaped bright green eyes, long legs, a long thin tail and small feet. Male Russian Blues weigh up to 7 kg while females weigh about 4 kg.

The sensitive Russian Blue can be a shy and quiet cat but it is very adaptable and will easily settle into most environments.  Intelligent and curious, the Russian Blue is a lively breed that enjoys playing with toys as well as humans. This agile cat loves to jump, climb and run around the house. Russian Blues can be taught tricks and can also be good hunters.

While generally reserved around strangers, they get along well with children and pets in their own household, developing strong and loyal bonds with their loved ones.

This is a clean, low-maintenance cat that doesn’t need much grooming, but being quite the attention-seeker, the Russian Blue will thoroughly enjoy it if you brush its coat with a soft brush.

The Russian Blue is a healthy breed that is not prone to illness. They tend to live into their late teens, with some even living well into their twenties.

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Liz Walden

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