//What dog breed is best for me?

What dog breed is best for me?

What dog breed is best for me?


What trait is important when picking the right breed of dog?

“All dog breeds have different traits, and the right trait is the one that best suits your lifestyle and the home you will give them. Large, active dogs suit active owners with plenty of room, while a small, affectionate dog would better suit a quiet or lonely person. Dogs can’t help the traits they have, so it is up to us to choose wisely when selecting a companion to share our lives with.”



It seems that lifestyle and convenience work against a few breeds, in particular the Fox Terriers, Jack Russell’s and the fluffier Pomeranian.  These breeds are dumped and destroyed in record numbers.  They are very cute puppies and people buy them on impulse from pet shops, without understanding their temperament or needs, and the long term responsibility of pet ownership. 

Dogs are beautiful animals who give us unconditional love, but they rely upon us for their wellbeing and indeed their survival for as much as 12 years or more.

 So it makes sense, doesn’t it, to consider what breed would fit best with you, your budget, your lifestyle and the home you can offer them – before you go ahead and bring a new puppy into your life.  Here are some things to think about in advance.

How much time do you have to give your dog daily exercise?

Like humans, all dogs need a level of exercise.  An overweight dog will not be as healthy as he can be, and it consequently reduces his or her lifespan.  Don’t set yourself exercise targets that you won’t be able to stick with in the long run.  It’s not fair to the pet, or yourself.

How much time do you have to devote to grooming your dog?

Often overlooked – depending on the breed, grooming could mean a daily activity for you and your pet.  It’s important to consider this before you choose your pet.

How much can you afford to pay for dog food each week / month?

Big dogs eat more, and could cost more too!  A new dog is also a financial decision which needs to be planned for.   Remember to include dog food in your budget, and not to forget vet expenses!

Have you considered the cost of vet expenses?

There’s no Medicare for dogs, and vet expenses can cost a fortune.  No-one would want to have to put their pet down because they couldn’t afford life saving treatment.  That’s why many people choose pet insurance to assist with the vet fees.  The breed of dog also affects the premium you pay. Visit our dog breed centre to get an idea of the genetic conditions that could afflict your pet of choice – those ailments could impact your long term vet costs. If you know the breed you are interested in GET A QUOTE  for pet insurance to see how much it would be for you.

Will your pet be around young children or elderly people?

Some dogs are child friendly, and other who prefer a bit of a quiet life!  Very active dogs can be too boisterous for the elderly.  Some dogs love to have a run with their owners, others prefer to stroll – what would be best for your family?

Does anyone in your family or someone who visits you frequently suffer from allergies?

Some breeds are less likely to cause allergies than others.  It’s all about their hair!  

Do you have an exercise area for your dog?

Some breeds love to snooze indoors for most of the day (as long as they have a couple of walks), whilst others go mad for the outdoors and love physical exercise.

How much time will your dog be alone each day?

Dogs are essentially pack animals, and love company.  If you are going to be leaving your dog alone for long periods of time, consider whether getting s second dog would be a good idea so that they can keep each other company.

Are there other pets that your new dog will need to get on with – for example cats, rabbits, birds, etc.

To keep the household on an even keel, you need to think both about how your existing pets will embrace an imposter, and how the new dog will fit into the new environment. 

Are you expecting your dog to protect your property?

In some breeds, the desire to defend property is higher than others consider this if you are looking for a guard dog.

What size of dog do you prefer?

Remember the puppy will grow up!  You need to bear in mind what size it will grow up to when you choose your puppy. 

What sort of coat would you prefer your dog to have?  What sort of shedding would you be able to tolerate?

What would you like to feel when you run your hand along your dog’s back?   Smooth, woolly, long, short?   Are you house proud?  Would a “shedder” drive you nuts?  Consider this before you choose your pet.

How active would you like your dog to be?

Do you like them active, or would a lazy pal suit you better?

What pets are suitable for different ages in the household?

  • Under 5: Small people need small pets. So if your child is under five, a guinea pig, rabbit or small dog would be best. If you get a puppy be careful as they can nip little fingers.
  • Age 7 +: a cat, rabbit or more or less any dog would be fine. But if you’re considering a large dog, make sure the premises are suitable and that your child understands the dog’s need for regular exercise. Budgies are also popular pets.
  • Age 14+: while dogs and cats remain perennial favourites, older kids also love aquariums which provide creative stimulus, more than the cuddle factor.

To find out more about the various breeds of dogs, visit our dog breed centre and visit our rescue partners to see if they have a pet that looks like it could work for you and your family! And once you’ve found your ideal dog, learn more about the benefits of dog insurance from Petsecure here

You can also check out pets available through Perfect Pets – where you can be assured that any businesses associated with them have been thoroughly vetted, and so you can rest assured you are not dealing with unscrupulous puppy mills.

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