If you’re after a fun little dog that’s easy to transport, you may consider a Chihuahua, one of the smallest dog breeds. Measuring 15-23 cm at the withers and weighing only 1 to 3 kg, this dog may be little, but it has lots of personality to make up for it.

While its origins seem to stretch back to the 5th century Mayans, this toy dog’s name comes from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, from where it was first imported to the US about a century ago.

The Chihuahua has a short, smooth coat that comes in colours ranging from fawn to black. These little dogs do shed but because they’re so small, grooming is quick and easy.

Chihuahuas are comical and entertaining dogs, often with a quirky personality. They are also loyal dogs, forming a close bond with one or two masters. Strangers and new environments however can turn these confident little dogs into nervous wrecks. It’s important to socialise Chihuahuas early on to prevent them from becoming anxious and yappy with other people and animals.

They do enjoy being among other Chihuahuas and make great companion dogs for single people and elderly people, but they’re not very suitable for a family with children. They will do fine in apartments and don’t need much walking. To avoid harming their fragile windpipes, use a harness instead of a lead when you walk your Chihuahua.

Being a territorial dog, your little Chihuahua can make a good guard dog, but be prepared for a lot of barking from a Chihuahua. This is generally a very healthy little dog that can easily live into their early twenties.

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