It is estimated that around 62% of households in Australia own a pet, and out of these 38% of them are dog owners, according to PIAA. Large dogs make up some of the most popular breeds in the country – those with the right attitude can make excellent guard dogs, making them ideal for families that live either in the country or in suburban areas. Common large breeds such as the Labrador or Golden Retriever are patient, playful and good with children, making them great family dogs. Considering all pets costs, a large dog will cost a household roughly $1,475 annually, according to the RSPCA. Thinking carefully about pet insurance can be a lifesaver. It will help you avoid unaffordable costs brought by emergencies, and give you peace of mind that your pet will receive the treatment and care they need.

Why large dog breeds make great family pets

Large dog breeds tend to be gentle giants. Not being as delicate compared to smaller breeds helps them cope with kids and their levels of energy. Most importantly, they learn quite easily and quickly if their training starts while they’re still young. With their great size comes calmness and satisfaction; thus they tend to feel secure in their position making them patient.

Choosing the right large dog for your lifestyle

Great health and being sociable are important factors when carefully selecting a pet to join your family. One of the kindest and most pleasant breeds is the Basset Hound (not a huge dog, but on the large side) which is defined by its dangling face, long ears, and a very affectionate character. Being exceedingly patient with kids makes it a great family fit. However, they are vulnerable to health problems. The sooner you insure your dog from an early age, then you know that pre-existing conditions will not be excluded.

The German Shepherd is another good choice and probably the most well-known large dog breed. Apart from being quite defensive with their pack, they are intelligent, loyal canines that are very affectionate with family members. They come in eleven different colour patterns. Others have an entirely uniform colour such as the Black German Shepherd. It is through a genetic mutation that their coats turn black as well as their distinctive appearance.

Traits you want in large dog breed pets

It’s important that your choice of large family dog is playful – having a dog that makes you and the kids happy while at home is better than having one that prefers their own space. Loyalty which comes from you treating your dog well is also an important trait. Dogs with additional protection characteristics make them loyal family members. Other factors to look out for are intelligence, breeds that are low maintenance, and those that stay by your side, are affectionate and friendly.

Large dogs make excellent companions, friends, and exercise buddies. Getting to understand the characteristics of your choice of large dog breed and providing them with a home will allow you to better enjoy the time you spend together.

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Liz has a passion for all things cat and dog, and was one of the first in Australia to bring Pet Insurance to the market. She has headed up Petsecure for the past 12 years, and is committed to promoting and supporting the amazing work done by rescue groups around Australia, and those who work to promote a better life for all animals.