The Greyhound is a large, graceful dog with an easy-going nature. Bred for racing, they are strong, well-built and incredibly fast. The Greyhound has been a popular hunting, racing and companion dog for millennia (going back to the time of Pharaohs), and were a status symbol in England in the Middle Ages.

Male Greyhound dogs stand around 70 cm tall and weigh between 28 and 34 kg, while females are slightly shorter and weigh a little less. Greyhounds come in many colours, but most are brindle or fawn. Their short, smooth coat requires very little maintenance and they don’t shed.

Racing Greyhounds retire when they are around five years old, and a Greyhound Adoption Program exists to place these intelligent dogs into loving family homes.

Greyhounds are calm dogs with a pleasant, sensitive personality. They make wonderful house pets that are very affectionate with their owners, including children. They tend to get on well with other dogs in the same household but not so much with cats.
They are great sprinters but their endurance is low so short walks are all they need. As the fastest of all dogs with a natural hunting instinct, Greyhounds should be kept on leash and not be allowed to wander off. At home, Greyhounds love to spend their days lazing around the house. These dogs are small eaters and can live happily in a suburban backyard. They tend not to bark much.

The Greyhound dog is a healthy breed but is prone to injury and sensitive to drugs. Their life expectancy is between 12 and 14 years.

If you are interested in this lovely dog, and you are in NSW why not contact Greyhounds as Pets who specialise in re-homing Greyhounds.  They have some beautiful pooches looking for loving homes.

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