Pomeranian dogs are pretty little toy dogs with a thick double coat that comes in as many as twelve colours. Their outer coat consists of long, straight hairs while their undercoat is short and soft, which gives them a fluffy appearance. They need regular grooming.

There are two varieties of Pomeranians; smaller Poms are around 20 cm tall while the larger variety can grow up to 28 cm. Due to their tiny size, they weigh next to nothing: between 1 and 3 kg. Poms do not eat much and can be picky eaters.

The Pomeranian is an intelligent dog that is easy to train and good at learning tricks (they’re great show dogs). Loyal, lively and affectionate, it’s a popular companion dog but it does need firm, consistent handling.

Small as it may be, the Pom can be very vocal and makes a great little watchdog. It generally gets along well with other dogs and pets if introduced properly.

Because of its size, it’s the perfect dog to keep in apartments and is easy to care for by older persons. It’s not the top choice of dog if you have children, although it should be fine if your family doesn’t spoil or man-handle the dog too much, and it’s given strict rules to follow.

Health wise, a common weakness in Pomeranian dogs is their bones, and puppies must be deterred from jumping. They are however one of the hardiest of the toy dog breeds and live to 15 years on average.

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