A Rottweiler is a strong, confident dog that is typically used as police and guard dog as well as a companion dog. Originating in Germany, this muscular, broad-chested breed was used to drive cattle and pull carts, and it still displays great willingness to work.

Rottweilers have black, flat-lying short coats with clearly defined tan markings. Despite having a double coat, this breed is easy to maintain, needing only minimal grooming.

The Rottweiler is an intelligent dog that loves people but needs proper obedience training and socialisation. Incredibly loyal to its handlers, the fearless Rottweiler will defend and protect its owners in any situation.

Rotties, as they are often lovingly called, can have widely varying temperaments, from highly independent and aloof (some can even be aggressive) to social and outgoing. When choosing a puppy, it’s important you get one from parents that have been temperament-tested and hip-screened.

Highly energetic, Rottweilers are great runners and jumpers. When you get a Rottie, you’ll have to ensure it gets plenty of exercise. This dog loves to swim and go for long runs with its owners.

Rottweilers are susceptible to dietary issues and have a tendency to bloat, so you should carefully follow the breeder’s feeding plan. Parvovirus is another health concern for this breed. Life expectancy for the Rottweiler is about 10-12 years, while most dogs of this breed die of heart disease, cancer and bloat.

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