Taking your pet on holidays is no longer taboo. In fact, more and more pet owners are scouring the internet for pet-friendly holiday accommodation.

Whether it’s fun in the sun, a relaxing winter retreat or a road trip around Oz — your four-legged friend is sure to love a break with the family.

Thankfully, taking your pet on holidays is no longer as tricky as it once was. Remember the days when pet-friendly holiday rentals were few and far between? Nowadays, not only is there much more pet-friendly accommodation available, it’s a lot nicer than it used to be.

Fancy taking your pet on holidays? Here’s how…

It’s always fun to travel with your best friend, but when your best friend is of the feline or canine variety, it can be a little more awkward to find nice accommodation.

Yes, there are many capable and loving pet sitters and shelters that can take care of your pet while you’re on holiday, but who wants to leave their fur-baby at home? After all, Felix and Fido deserve a vacay too.

Here are a few tips to ensure an awesome holiday for you and your fur pal.

Do your research

Never just arrive at a caravan park or hotel in the hope they will allow your pet to stay. In some cases, no amount of sweet-talking will grant your fur baby access. (I know, how rude!)

Refine your search

Make use ‘pet friendly’ search capability to save you time and frustration. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect holiday accommodation, only to then discover they have a ‘no pets’ policy!

TIP: Unfortunately for us cat-people, some hotels are only dog-friendly, so before you finalise your booking, be sure to clarify if your pet is a cat or dog.

labrador head sticking out of car window

Image source: Emerson Peters on Unsplash

Clue up on pet travel safety

Whether you’re going on long road trip or you’re just travelling a few hours down the road, make sure your pet is safe. There are many important aspects to pet travel safety. Make sure you know how to safely secure your four-legged pal to prevent a driving disaster. What’s more, learn what you need to pack for Fido’s travel comfort.

Don’t be sneaky

While it might seem frustrating that all hotels don’t accept pets, there are health regulations that must be followed, and other guests’ comfort to consider. You might think your pup waking you up in the middle of the night with a little bark is adorable – doubtful that the honeymooning couple across the hall or the woman enjoying a relaxing weekend alone next door will find those barks as precious as you do.

The long and short of it; don’t be tempted to try and sneak your four-legged friend into your hotel room or cabin. Getting busted could be a bit embarrassing, to say the least.

Keep your options open

As well as hotels, there are caravan parks and bed and breakfasts around Australia that are pet friendly. This of course may bring a new range of issues, as some pets can be bothered by the close proximity of other strange pets, humans and unfamiliar noises. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash while outside to avoid any nasty confrontations.

Keep it social

If you’re having trouble finding somewhere to holiday with your pet, ask local pet professionals (vets, pet store owners etc) if they know of any pet-friendly accommodation in your chosen area. They may be able to name a few puurfect holiday spots for you and your furry pal to relax.

If not, try posting on social media. Facebook and Instagram can be great ways to get recommendations and reviews of pet-friendly holiday accommodation.

What’s more, don’t forget to share your views on the pet-friendly accommodation you book. Every owner loves to hear about great places to take their pet on holidays.

What are your tips for finding the perfect pet-friendly holiday destination or accommodation?

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Leanne Philpott

Leanne is a freelance writer at contentchameleon.com.au. She works alongside her fur pal Chewie (a border terrier) and is passionate about promoting responsible pet ownership.