You don’t have to be a hippy to recognise the benefits of environmentally-kind pet care. Here are a few ways you can reduce the impact your furry friend has on the Earth.

It’s easy to overlook the impact out fur babies might be having on the environment. However, given that there are more than 24 million pets in Australia, becoming an eco-friendly pet owner can have a huge environmental impact.

So, why not make life with your faithful fur baby fun but also planet-friendly? Here are five simple ways to achieve your ‘eco-friendly pet owner’ badge!

5 easy ways to be an eco-friendly pet owner

Looking to adopt a more environmentally conscious lifestyle for you and your furry friend? Look no further. Here are five ways to reduce your impact on the planet.

1. Recycle pet-related waste

Can you imagine how many empty tins of pet food end up in landfill? I’m guessing A LOT! Whether it’s pet biscuit bags and pouches or aluminium cans, make sure you toss them in the recycling bin.

Don’t just stop at food containers either. Did you know that dog poop can be composted? Of course, you don’t want to use compost made from your fur pal’s waste on plants, herbs or crops you intend to eat. However, it’s perfect for other areas of the garden.

When out and about with your bark buddy, be sure to use biodegradable poop bags. These don’t take forever to break down, like regular plastic bags do, making them much more eco-friendly.

Sure, kitty litter is a little trickier to deal with in a planet-friendly way. However, there are litter products available that are made from biodegradable materials. Or, go back to basic and made your own using wood shavings or shredded paper!

2. Choose plastic-free pet gear

Plastic is harsh on the environment. Both its production and disposal can severely impact the environment, so where possible choose plastic-free. Use aluminium or ceramic pet feeding bowls, as opposed to plastic. Opt for pet toys made from natural, recycled materials such as hemp and jute.

3. Opt for earth-friendly pet care

Being an eco-friendly pet owner doesn’t mean you can’t bath Fido when he starts to smell a bit fausty. It just means making more conscious choices when it comes to what products you use.

Thankfully, there are a growing number of non-toxic, natural and chemical-free pet care brands on the market. Look for brands that use sustainable ingredients, are cruelty-free and, ideally, house their formulas in recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

4. Protect local and native wildlife

There are millions of feral cats in Australia, which threaten the survival of native species. Keen to be an eco-friendly pet owner? You can take action by spaying or neutering your cat (to prevent it from breeding with other felines, including feral ones!) and keeping it indoors as much as possible.

5. Adopt a pet

Too many animals end up in shelters every year. By adopting a pet you can help reduce the number of pets in rescue centres and lower the number of animals euthanized.

What’s more, adopting a pet can help reduce the number of resources that pet shelters and rescue centres need. For example, fewer pets would mean less electricity, lower food costs and less need for beds, toys, crates etc. Adopting a pet also makes room for other pets that are in need of a temporary home.

Being an eco-friendly pet owner simply means doing your little bit to protect the planet. This makes the future brighter for everyone — humans and furry friends alike!


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Leanne Philpott

Leanne is a freelance writer at She works alongside her fur pal Chewie (a border terrier) and is passionate about promoting responsible pet ownership.