//Mail order puppies – a growing trend? Are we making the problem worse?

Mail order puppies – a growing trend? Are we making the problem worse?

Mail order puppies – a growing trend? Are we making the problem worse?


  • Even though mass produced, we can never get enough of?
  • A commodity which has spawned multi million dollar industries yet can have no value at all.
  • A precious gift that makes us laugh, comforts us, gives unconditional love and relies on us totally.
  • Enterprising, greedy humans, realizing their popularity, churn them out by the thousands.
  • Often found in cages or glass windows, put there with no thought to their happiness or wellbeing.
  • Taken care of they can live to be 16 years or even more but many never see their first birthday, for just as we busily churn them out in their thousands we discard them at the same rate!
  • There are some people who would never have one in the whole of their life and others for whom they make their life whole…… What are we doing to mans best friend?

With so many variations to choose from it is hard to decide on the breed of puppy I want. There are Schnoodles, Spoodles, Moodles & even Roodles (Rottweiler x Poodle—imagine!) but I finally settle on a Labradoodle. Where would I find one? I just google ‘labradoodle puppies Victoria’ and a few choices come up. I chose the first. With a beautiful backdrop of valleys and trees the place looks amazing! And, yes, they have labradoodle puppies for sale right now! I click on puppies for sale to see what comes up.

Ohhh, they are so cute and look just newborn. Their eyes are tightly closed and they lay on a clean, fluffy blanket—no pictures of their mum. As I scroll down there are more, same age and also no mum pictured. I keep scrolling down and then come the older puppies of many different colours. In a few of the pictures you can see views in the background. It seems a lovely place. So peaceful.

I click on ‘From birth to you!’ and look at the happy pictures. During labour the mother has someone right beside her at all times. Each puppy is hand delivered and helped into the world. They are very closely monitored in a home environment for the first 6 weeks then they go into a puppy nursery. How sweet. I cannot make up my mind which colour to choose when deciding on my new puppy but there is a colour guide to help me to pick the best colour for me and my family. No need to go to Victoria, just a click of my mouse and my credit card details. A flight can be arranged and my new puppy is delivered to me. No hassles—it is just so easy! No background checks either….All I need to do now is to pick my new puppy!

Still, I hesitate. I look at all these innocent, helpless faces. I worry about the older puppies and yes even adults that are for sale. What if nobody buys them? I suppose they will just breed with them. Breeding dogs have good homes — don’t they? I mean, they are well fed and have proper vet treatment and most of all are loved. This is not a PUPPY FARM is it? They seem sincere but can I believe everything they say. 

I googled the name of the breeder and this is the information that came up— Prisoners for Profit (www.govegan.com.au/puppies). But surely, these pups below cannot be the same mentioned previously?

Debra Tranter says “With a few clicks of your mouse you can have a puppy delivered to your door. The consumer will believe the hype on the glossy website and will buy a puppy without even visiting the property to view the parents or the living conditions. But the truth is these are factory farmed puppies and the parents live in deplorable conditions. Some dogs are housed in open tin sheds on cold concrete with no bedding at all. Some dogs are kept outside in cold dirt barren pens. Not forgetting the puppies. We had observed up to 50 puppies in a lonely cold tin shed (pictured) awaiting shipping interstate and overseas.  

How can we stop these greedy people mass producing puppies for profit? We asked Debra, who says— “The Pet Industry continue to tell us that these puppy factories do not exist in Australia, the Government ignores the issue and hopes we will go away. The fact is there are over 100 puppy factories in Victoria alone. The public wants to see an end to puppy factories and the mass unnecessary killing of healthy re-homable dogs in our pounds. The Government has got it wrong and is out of touch with public opinion. Even the RSPCA are now coming out and saying “Don’t buy from pet shops” and have started their own campaign to close down puppy factories. How much longer is the Government going to hide from this issue? How many more dogs will suffer and die in these puppy factories. Their only hope is us.”

It only takes a few minutes to show your support—those few minutes could help save vulnerable lives! These dogs have no rights and live a life of misery while breeders churn out more and more of these mass produced puppies when there are simply not enough homes for them. Help us change these laws!

Act now and make Oscar’s law a reality!  

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Liz Walden

Liz has a passion for all things cat and dog, and was one of the first in Australia to bring Pet Insurance to the market. She has headed up Petsecure marketing for the past 10 years, and is committed to promoting and supporting the amazing work done by rescue groups around Australia, and those who work to promote a better life for all animals
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