Pet pamperers with visions of taking their pet to the Oscars can kit their little darling out with Hollywood style accessories to turn heads and set the gossip columns buzzing.

Dress up your dog

How about a comfy T shirt fashioned as an elegant tuxedo print for Bobby the Beagle and a diamante dog collar with heart charm and matching anklet for Peggy the Toy Poodle? You could take along a special bottle of Pet Pop pure spring water for when things hot up.

And of course the day before you would have given your charming canine a salon quality treatment with Oatmeal and Mandarin Sensitive Dog Shampoo and Oatmeal and Aloe Vera Sensitive Dog Conditioner. Then just before you leave prevent any embarrassment by giving your darling a squirt in the mouth with Organic Peppermint Breath Control Gel.

If your destination is the sports field deck them out in a green-and-gold Aussie jersey or if you’re a Kiwi, show your loyalty to the All Blacks with a NZ tank top or jersey. Finally, for all occasions there’s fun gear that tells everyone that your dog is ‘A lover not a biter’ or ‘Bad to the Bone’. Great gifts for your or your mate’s dog.

Tart up your tabby

If your sweet companion is Pasha the Persian or Samantha the Siamese, a leopard print collar will add distinction. Any collars can be enhanced with one or more dazzling charms and to avoid scratching in the middle of a performance or presentation, make sure you’ve used an anti-itch shampoo and given them a manicure using special cat nail clippers.

To ensure that your pet is in radiant good health check out what’s available in health & Well-being products. Vitamins, Omega fatty acids and anti-oxidants. You and your family recognize that sometimes your diet lacks certain essential elements…so why should it be any different for your pet?

Good health means good looks

No matter how ‘dressed to kill’ your pet is, if their eyes are dull, nose dry and coat dull, they will not look like a star. A comfortable night’s sleep is very important so if you are a true pet pamperer you’ll buy them a special bed to feed their soul, with divine reversible covers, or the extra cosy sleep pod that like a soft, cuddly sleeping bag.

Celebrities need to be pampered in every way. Remember, top awards go to both producer and performer! And make sure to check out the benefits of pet insurance for your special one here.

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Liz Walden

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