by Corinne Daw

Every week dogs come into DoggieRescue’s care from the pounds. They come in all shapes and sizes, are aged from very young to very old. Some are happy, wriggly and playful—others shy, withdrawn and even terrified. Amongst them all they have but one common denominator—they have all been ABANDONED.

The reasons that dogs find themselves in this situation are as varied as the dogs themselves are……

> Do we purchase on IMPULSE? That once cute little bundle of fluff we fell in love with in the pet shop window has now grown too large, is destructive through boredom, poor or minimal training.

>   Do our dogs become INCONVENIENT to our lifestyle? If that was the reason surely we would have thought about that before we adopted a pet.

>   Perhaps MAINTENANCE of our best friend becomes too expensive? We can no longer afford vet fees, especially if our pet needs ongoing treatment. Or by the terribly matted state of some of the long haired breeds who come into DoggieRescue’s care— the ongoing cost of grooming and general health maintenance.

>    It can be a huge problem to RELOCATE if you own a pet. Rental places which are ‘pet friendly’ are far and few between. It is so sad to think that the life of a pet hangs on three words… No Pets Allowed. There are places which will accept pets but it is hard to find them and it takes time.

>  You would be surprised how many pets are abandoned due to the BIRTH OF A BABY in the family. Are we so caught up in the delight of a new family member that we forget the needs of another member of our family who relies on us totally?

>   I wonder how many abandoned pets were bought IRRESPONSIBLY for a child who lost interest in caring for them. If the parent is not able to resume some or all of the duties of caring for a pet then they should not be getting a pet in the first place. Without a responsible parent how can a child be expected to be responsible?

>  Love makes the world go round, it is said, but can a RELATIONSHIP change cause the death of a pet? An email received recently from a DoggieRescue supporter recently read: “Our house rental agent here in Hobart told me the other day she had surrendered her dog to the pound as she was moving in with a boyfriend and could not keep him. Then the relationship fell through so she went to the pet shop and purchased another puppy. Incredible – I was speechless. She seemed like a nice lady, but obviously a totally irresponsible, selfish and ignorant pet owner who shouldn’t be allowed have another dog….” Kathryn

>  The saddest reason of all would have to be abandoning our pets due to their OLD AGE. Old dogs, like old people deserve to spend their twilight years in comfort, surrounded by love. It is a tragedy to see the elderly, bewildered dogs coming from the pounds in never ending numbers. Those who survive, that is…..


Are pets so easily obtainable in Australia that they have no value?

Maybe one day pets will not be commodities, brought and sold (or abandoned) at the whim of their owner.

Maybe one day the meaning of “A Pet is for Life” will be understood and adhered to.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, one day, to see pounds empty or only filled with lost, not abandoned pets.

One day maybe only responsible people will be able to adopt a pet.

For the many thousands upon thousands of animals discarded by their owners every year if only …..  THAT day could be TODAY!!

Reproduced with the kind permission of DoggieRescue.  DoggieRescue is a no-kill shelter based in NSW.  For further information visit


What is the biggest cause of pets being abandoned?

“Sadly, there are a number of reasons why pets are abandoned by their owners. These include relocation, loss of interest, and lack of money to care for them. Surprisingly one of the most common reasons for abandonment is the birth of a child, when the pet is no longer the centre of attention and can be regarded as a nuisance or even a threat to the newborn’s safety. ”


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