//How often do you wash your dog?

How often do you wash your dog?

How often do you wash your dog?

How do I know when to wash my dog?

“If your dog needs a bath, you will usually know it. They will probably have matted hair, perhaps be scratching a lot, and may smell a little offensive as well. How often you wash your dog will depend on a range of factors, such as whether it is an indoor or outdoor pet and whether anyone in the family has allergies. ”


I remember my vet telling me that when he grew up in a farm in Australia, the dogs were thrown in the cattle dip to get them free of fleas and ticks! Now this option may not be available to everyone (and not really recommended!), and of course the reason for washing may not just be about fleas and ticks!

The frequency you choose to wash your dog may have more to do with the coat type, and the lifestyle of you and your dog. Of course there is the argument (which also applies to humans!) that when you wash your pooch you are stripping the coat of natural oils, making it dry. So, the argument goes, the less the better. But these days we have such beautiful shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed to avoid stripping the coat of its natural oils, so really, this argument doesn’t really apply these days.

If your dog is a pampered pooch, he or she probably lives indoors with you, and may even sleep on the bed with you, and he could be partial to a lie down on the couch! If this is the case you probably aren’t too keen on the idea of him bringing all the dirt, sand and other unmentionable things to join you as you are relaxing in front of the telly.   In this instance more frequent washing may be the go, as having a fresh smelling companion on the couch is the priority. Of course to make things worse, your dog may find it particularly enjoyable to run through puddles, play in the dirt, and have a swim and the occasional roll in muck. In this case, even if your pooch’s coat ends up a little bit drier than it would otherwise be, the alternative is not really an option!

Some breeds of dogs simply seem to be less “stinky” than others. Generally those with woolly coats (ie poodles, schnauzers) tend not to be as stinky as those with longer coats. Also, if your dog has an itchy skin, it may provide some relief to be bathed once a week or so

Of course it may not just be about the dog! If anyone in the household suffers allergies, it may be necessary to wash more frequently to keep the particles that accumulate and cause the allergic reaction at bay.

So the bottom line. The frequency that you choose to wash your dog really depends on a wide range of factors, providing you choose a shampoo that is specifically designed for the purpose, it should be as often and you think it is needed.

But is is most important to use a shampoo formulated for your dog’s skin that will address any problems he or she may be experiencing.  These days you can get special formulations for about anything you can imagine, for example there are shampoos for itchy skin, long hair, short hair, dull coat – you name it! As we know our precious puppies are all special and different, and this only goes to prove it!!

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