//The Best Feline Companions for Single People

The Best Feline Companions for Single People

The Best Feline Companions for Single People

Living on your own has its perks, but being responsible for a pet without someone to share the load with can be difficult. We all crave a little companionship from time to time. Fortunately, there are several breeds of cat ideally suited to people who live alone. Read on to find out which day suits your personality.

1. Russian Blue

The ultimate cat for the owner who likes their own space. Like a catwalk model, Russian Blue’s are beautiful and standoffish, best appreciated at a distance. They take a while to warm up to anyone, even their owner, and can go days at a time requiring little in the way of affection or interaction. Just some food, a bit of light entertainment and some space to watch the world go by.

Perfect for:

An owner who likes to appreciate their companion from afar.

2. British shorthair

They really should call this breed the Australian Shorthair given how laidback they are. Quiet, friendly and happy to cuddle up on the couch, the British is happy at home provided you leave a bit of stimulation while you’re out and about.

Perfect for:

Easygoing singles who don’t mind a warm little friend at night.

3. Ocicat

The Ocicat is loyal, good natured, but perfectly happy on its own. A breed of kitty that’s perfect for owners who like the disposition of a happy dog, but not the high energy or doe eyed looks when you leave the house. Incredibly low maintenance, the Ocicat is a good cat for people on the go.

Perfect for:

The owner who appreciates loyalty but doesn’t crave it.

4. Maine Coon

Good natured and patient, the Maine Coon will happily spend all day staring out the window without getting bored. The largest domestic cat, males can weigh over 8kgs. Despite being big, Maine Coons don’t throw their weight around. This breed of cat shows affection towards its family, but isn’t fussed if you’ve got to run off to work.

Maine Coons are recognisable by their distinctive features, many of which help them survive in colder climates. Their bushy ‘raccoon’ tail helps them balance and the shaggy coat helps keep them warm.

Perfect for:

Just about anyone who doesn’t mind affection from their pets.

5. Javanese

Javanese are a curious mix of playful and independent. They don’t get lonely, but do need plenty of stimulation. If you like an outgoing, active feline that doesn’t mind playing by themselves while you’re out, the Javanese could be your ideal kitty companion. Just be sure to leave plenty of interesting games out for them to entertain themselves while you’re away.

Perfect for:

People who appreciate the Javanese playful nature and want to engage regularly with their kitty.

6. Persian

Persians are among the quietest, most relaxed breed of cats, making them perfect for apartment living. They’re happy to laze around in sunny spots with only the occasional cuddle or agility game to keep them satisfied.

While the Persian cat personality might be low maintenance, their long hair needs regular grooming. If you don’t have the desire to comb it yourself, perhaps consider a fortnightly visit to a local groomer.

Perfect for:

Apartment dwellers, people who don’t mind grooming their pets.

7. Himalayan

Fond of attention, the Himalayan needs regular brushes, just like it’s friend the Persian. Slightly more vocal, the Himalayan is also mild mannered, fluffy and happy in your lap. Fond of a nap, they are ideal for a home where people are out a lot, though they’ll love the attention when you get home.

Perfect for:

Owners who like to groom and give their pets attention.

8. Exotic shorthair

Similar to the Himalayan and Persian, though with shorter and easier to maintain hair, the Exotics are an aloof breed that are happy mostly on their own.

Perfect for:

Busy singles who want someone to come home to.

9. Norwegian Forest Cat

This elegantly named breed is a large domestic cat with a hearty constitution that does just fine on it’s own, so long as they have access to food and water. Even trips away for the weekend aren’t going to bother this bold beauty. Just leave some fun and games out for them to keep them engaged in your absence.

Perfect for:

People who appreciate and nurture independence.

10. Ragdoll

As the name suggests, Ragdoll cats have a habit of going limp when you pick them up. Docile, quiet tempered and laconic, they’re happy at home, even if home is a tiny apartment, and will generally just flop about the place having a blast doing very little.

Perfect for:

Homebodies that aren’t too fond of playtime.

11. Manx

Rare and exotically unique, the Manx is a usually tailless cat that exhibits a friendly, social nature. However, that’s not all that’s curious about this breed. The Manx also likes to go for a walk! Trainable in a way few cats are, the Manx makes a great companion for older folks or people looking for a unique animal that’s 100% cat and just a little bit dog.

Perfect for:

Pet owners looking to experience a new breed.

Head over to the Petsecure Cat Breed section https://www.petsecure.com.au/pet-care/cat-breeds/ to find out more about these and other beautiful cats.

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