Most of us love the excitement of New Year’s Eve, with the anticipation of the year ahead.  However for our furry friends it can be a different story.   Cats and dogs have exceptionally sensitive hearing, so all the noise, flashes, bangs and shouting can be very frightening for them.  Here are some simple tips to help keep them calm, safe and secure whilst the celebration is underway.

1. Never take your pet to a public fireworks display.
2. Your pets should not be tied up and left alone in the garden or in the car whilst fireworks are underway.
3. Make sure your pets are micro-chipped and have tags on so that if they escape you can be more easily re-united.
4. Try to walk your dog in daylight hours before the fireworks start, and give them a good feed.
5. Keep your cats and dogs indoors with dog / cat flap or gate shut.
6. If your dog needs to go to the toilet later on in the evening go out with them to help them feel more secure.
7. If your cat is not used to being indoors, provide extra litter trays.
8. Draw the curtains so your pets aren’t startled by any sudden flashes.
9. Give your dog a new toy to keep them distracted and occupied.
10. Create a “den” for your dog with blankets and bedding. This will give them an area to calm down and muffle the noises.
11. Give your cat a safe place to hide with blankets and bedding to mask the noises.
12. Try to act normal around your dog if they become fearful or distressed, reassuring them can reinforce their fear.
13. If your cat is hiding don’t try and lure them out, this can cause them to become more anxious.
14. Put the TV or music on to mute the sound of the fireworks. (Not a channel that is showing the fireworks though!)
15. Keep on a light so that the flashes are not so intense.
16. Consider ear muffs for your pet. Now available in pet stores and online!

How do I keep my dog calm?

“New Year’s Eve can be a stressful time for dogs, so to keep yours calm when the fireworks start popping, try putting on a radio to drown out the noise. You could also try distracting it with a toy or treat or even buy it doggie ear muffs, which are available in most pet stores. The important thing is not to tie it up and go out, leaving it on its own, but to be there to comfort it when it needs you most.”

Wild weather can cause stress too

Extreme weather is here to stay, so say the experts.  Pet owners need to be aware of the immediate and long term risks for their furry friends.  Here’s a few thought starters:

Wild weather can also cause stress for a lot of pets.  Lightening, thunder can really frighten a lot of pets.  It’s important to make sure they are safe and secure, and the same rules apply as to when there are fireworks and other celebrations that can disturb their equilibrium.  They shouldn’t be able to escape, and they also need to be warm and protected from the elements.  Pet’s experience anxiety just like humans.  Anxiety in its turn can cause physical ailments.  So it pays to keep them protected, it’s just another way to avoid an expensive trip to the vet. You can also be prepared by signing up for pet insurance for your dog – learn more here.

Check out this infographic from Pet ID Tag for a quick guide on how to be prepared for the holiday season.


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