Pets can be unbelievably entertaining. Throw a cool pet app into the mix and there’s so much fun to be had.

Would you like to discover your dog’s breed? How about connecting with other local animal lovers? What about checking up on your pet from your office or workplace? You can do all these things and more with the plethora of pet apps available.

Here’s a look at some of the wild and wonderful pet apps that are creating a storm with pet lovers Australia-wide.

8 pet apps worth a look

From toilet training and discovering your dog’s whereabouts to tracking your fur baby’s health, there’s a whole bunch of pet apps worth checking out!


How many times have you questioned whether or not your dog can eat a certain tidbit? Wonder no more! IKIBLE enables owners to quickly see if a food is safe or not.

You can scroll through an entire list of popular foods to see if they’re okay for your dog to eat – or not. Plus, you can even plan your human meals around ingredients that are dog friendly, so that you and your fur pal can dine together!


This is the go-to app for pet owners in doubt. It’s an educational tool that lists clinical signs, emergency steps to take in various situations and connects you with local veterinary clinics.

As a pet owner, you never know if or when your feline friend or barking buddy might get into trouble. This useful app offers peace of mind and helps ensure you’re prepared to deal with a pet emergency.


Referred to as ‘the dog person’s dating app’, DIG helps dog lovers to find someone they really dig! Not only can you find other single people that adore dogs, but you can also organize a dog-friendly date. The app displays dog-friendly locations in the nearby area, so Fido can come to check out your new date!

DIG also features a tip or trick of the day from pet professionals, so you can keep up to date with the latest fun facts and advice. You never know, it might be a useful conversation starter!


Imagine if your pet could talk! Well, now it can, thanks to the PET BLABLA app. Simply select a photo of your beloved pet from the picture library on your phone, mark the animal’s eyes, mouth and chin and record your text. It’s easy and fun, but the best bit — now you can hear your pet tell you just how much they love you!


FITBARK keeps dog owners updated on the health and whereabouts of their fur pals. How does it work? Well, FITBARK is a little different from your standard pet app in that it’s a device plus an app.

To get started you must fit the device to your dog’s collar and download the app. It can be used to track sleep quality, activity patterns and general health. FITBARK can assist owners of diabetic dogs to balance activity, food and medication. It can also be used to alert owners to a dog’s increase in pain levels or early signs of illness.


Remotely monitor your fur baby to make sure they’re behaving when you’re not at home. ICAM lets you see exactly what your pet is up to in real-time. So if you think your kitty may be misbehaving while you’re at work or you’re worried your dog might be barking when home alone, now you can find out for sure!


Now you can have a personal puppy training coach in your pocket! DOGO makes clicker training your dog easy peasy. Designed for puppies and adult dogs, it features more than 60 commands and tracks your fur pal’s progress.

You can set daily reminders so that you and your fur pal don’t miss a single training session. Plus, the built-in clicker means you can start right away. What are you waiting for?


Hands up if you’ve spent too long trying to get your cat or dog to stay still long enough to take a super cute snap of them! We’ve all been there, but thankfully there’s an easier way to take great pics of your pet.

The PET SELFIE app features an array of sounds that are guaranteed to get your pet’s attention. Plus, you can add in fun stickers to really give you pet pics some pizzazz.

Sure, being a pet owner is a big responsibility but thanks to these fun and functional pet apps you can track your pet’s health and make sure they’re not misbehaving when you’re not home.

What favourite pet apps are you using right now?


Image source: Unsplash

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