The strong and beautiful Siberian cat is one of the oldest natural cat breeds. Originating in Russia, the Siberian Forest Cat has existed for at least a thousand years, with the first mention of the breed around the year 1000.

Siberians are large, solid and muscular cats with a triple coat to survive cold climates and extreme conditions. Their coat, which comes in all colours, includes a soft, dense undercoat and a thick waterproof outer coat. A ruff around their head and tufts of fur between their paw pads and coming from their ears give Siberian cats their wild, lion-like look.

Siberian cats are slow to mature, taking up to five years to reach their full size (4-7 kg). They are powerful creatures that are extremely agile with the ability to leap great distances.

With their gentle, well-rounded personality, easily blending into families with children and other pets, Siberians are the perfect household pet for anyone. They have high energy levels and love to play and interact with humans. Highly social and intelligent, they will come when called, like to follow you around, and can work out how to open doors and get things from hard-to-reach places.

Some say Siberian cats have a dog-like personality as they enjoy human companionship so much. If left on their own too often or too long, however, they can become lonely and will appreciate having another cat or friendly dog to hang out with.

The Siberian cat is a robust, healthy breed with few known health problems. Just keep an eye on your cat’s food intake as this breed really likes to eat. The Siberian has an average lifespan of 11-15 years, while some live to 20.


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