The Australian Terrier is a sturdy, energetic small dog that makes an excellent companion and watch dog for your family home. The breed, part of the terrier group, was created by the British in Australia in the early 19th century and is also known as “the Aussie”.

Aussie Terriers are about 25 cm tall and weigh 6-7 kg. Their short, weather-resistant coat comes in blue and tan, steel or dark grey blue, solid sandy, red or solid black. They need very little grooming.

This little dog is alert, intelligent, quick to learn and eager to please, which makes the Australian Terrier good at obedience and agility. The Aussie can give a good bark but is generally not as yappy or as loud as other terriers.

While friendly and revelling in praise and human companionship, the Australian Terrier can also be stubborn so it needs firm training to prevent it from doing its own thing. As a natural chaser and digger, the Aussie Terrier needs a good fence around the yard.

Aussies are active dogs that love to play. They need an average amount of moderate exercise but love going on long walks with their owners. They are likely to get along well with children as well as other pets in your household, particularly if raised together.

Compared to other terriers, the Australian Terrier is just as spirited but generally a little less demanding and more adaptable to your lifestyle.

Aussie Terriers are among the heathiest dog breeds you can find, displaying fewer genetic defects than most other terriers. Their life expectancy is about 14 years.


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