With a dense, harsh coat and a head resembling an otter, the strong Border Terrier is a working dog bred for its fox-hunting qualities rather than its appearance.  The breed is typified by its alert and fearless posture and facial expression. While most are now companion dogs, Border Terries are still used as working dogs in rural areas.

Border Terriers are medium-sized dogs weighing 5 to 7 kg and measuring 28 to 31 cm at the withers. They have thick skin and a close-fitting, weatherproof double coat. The coat comes in a variety of colours, including red, wheaten, blue and tan or grizzle and tan, often with a dark muzzle. Not much grooming is required.

Compared to other terrier breeds, the Border Terrier is not as aggressive towards other dogs because it was bred to run peacefully with foxhounds.  It is an affectionate dog that is very compatible with children and families with other household animals. It has a low tendency to bark and won’t make a good guard dog.

The Border Terrier is obedient and easy to train. It loves to be part of the family, be around people most of the time and be the first to greet visitors. This is an easy-going dog that is adaptable to a variety of living arrangements. The Border is however a very active dog and needs a good amount of daily exercise. Be aware of your Border Terrier’s natural love of digging, chasing and chewing.

This is a generally healthy breed with a lifespan expected to reach 15 years.

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