The Bull Terrier is a strong dog breed that was created in England by crossing a Bulldog with a Terrier. Originally bred for dog fights, it is now a popular companion dog and makes an excellent guard dog. With its complex character, the Bull Terrier requires responsible owners and plenty of attention.

Bull Terriers are muscular, deep-chested dogs with a long, characteristic egg-shaped head, a high, Roman nose and deep-set eyes.

Most Bull Terriers are white, often with coloured markings on the head and/or back, while some Bull Terriers are black, red, fawn, brindle or tricolour. Their coat is short and smooth and this breed is easy to groom using a rubber grooming mitt.

The Bull Terrier is a very active dog that behaves like a puppy for half its life. It needs constant supervision and shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time. Yards should be securely fenced so they can run around freely, as they won’t agree to being tied up. Bull Terriers need copious amounts of exercise, and as they love to lie in the sun, sunscreen may be needed in the hotter months.

This breed enjoys human companionship and is very devoted to its family. The Bull Terrier can be good with kids, although it won’t tolerate being constantly teased or provoked. Male Bull Terriers that haven’t been desexed do not get along with other males but two females or a male and female can usually share a home.

Although prone to deafness and skin allergies, Bull Terriers are generally healthy but have an average life expectancy of only 10 years.

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Liz Walden

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