What breeds of dogs are restricted in Australia?

Certain dog breeds are classified as dangerous and the importation of these breeds is restricted. People who own a restricted dog have to comply with specific rules to ensure safe management of their pet. This applies to the following breeds:

  • Pit Bull Terrier Breeds, includes the American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino (Argentinian fighting dog)
  • Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian fighting dog)
  • Perro de Presa Canario
  • Any dog that is any part restricted breed, declared by a Council under Division 6 of the Companion Animals Act
  • Any other dog of a breed, kind or description prescribed by the Companion Animals Regulation

If you own a restricted  breed

Effective from 13 January 2006, owners of a restricted dog must ensure that the following requirements are complied with. Severe penalties may be imposed and/or the dog may be seized if the requirements are not met:

Distinctive collar

The dog must at all times wear a durable, secure, red and yellow striped collar, which complies with the Companion Animal Regulations.

Lead and muzzle 

Whenever the dog is outside its enclosure, it must be on a lead to prevent people, especially children, from having access to the dog and it must wear a muzzle to prevent it from biting any person or animal.

Responsible control

The dog must be in the control of a competent person with the leash being held or secured. One person handling more than two dogs is not considered adequate control if either or both are restricted.


All dogs must be identified by microchip and registered on the Companion Animals Register.


The dog must not at any time be in the sole charge of a person under age 18.


One or more signs must be displayed on the property showing the words “Warning Dangerous Dog,” The sign must be able to be seen from the boundaries of the property and comply with requirements set out in the Regulations.

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