The tall, sleek Weimaraner is an outstanding dog breed that attracts attention wherever it goes. Originally used for hunting, tracking and retrieving, the Weimaraner has always had a close bond with its master and is now a popular companion dog.

The Weimaraner hails from the German Weimar region, and was originally called the Weimar Pointer. Nowadays, people also affectionately call this breed Weims, Silver Ghosts or Grey Ghosts.

Weimaraners have an imposing, aristocratic appearance. They stand between 60-70 cm tall and weigh around 27 kg (females are about 5 cm shorter and 5 kg lighter).

The Weimaraner has a shimmering silver-grey coat and grey or amber eyes. Its coat is usually short. A long-haired variety also exists but is much less common. The short-haired Weimaraner needs very little grooming or cleaning.

Obedience training is a must and something the Weimaraner will thoroughly enjoy. While it may come across as aloof, this is a friendly and easy-going dog. Its eagerness to please makes it easy to train and socialise, although its size and dominant nature require a confident owner.

With its high energy levels, this dog demands lots of attention, activities and regular long walks, otherwise it will become bored and possibly destructive. To be a happy dog, the Weimaraner definitely needs to feel like it’s a part of the family.

Health-wise, this breed is prone to ear infections and spinal dysraphism. You can expect your Weimaraner to live to about 13 years.



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