Waiting periods

Q.  Are there any waiting periods? A. Accidental Injury will be covered as soon as your policy is effective.  If you select Accident & Illness Cover, illness will be covered 30 days after your policy effective date.  A six month waiting period applies for cruciate ligament conditions unless your vet certifies that no cruciate ligament [...]

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Q. Can I visit any vet? A. Yes, you have the choice to use any licensed vet in Australia. Q. If I purchase Accident pet cover, can I upgrade to a higher level of cover at a later time? A. Yes, you can upgrade to a higher cover on your policy renewal date or at [...]

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How do I make a complaint?

Q. How do I make a complaint? The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. Unfortunately from time to time there may be misunderstandings, you may  feel less than satisfied with the products and services we provide or you may wish to dispute the outcome of a decision.  If this is the case, [...]

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